Music City Ghost: Exclusively You Watch Out!

MusicCityGhostTalentAgencies007Exclusively Yours Doesn’t Always Work For You Or Your Finances

There are Talent Agents and or Booking Agents here in Nashville that use some very unscrupulous tactics to lure you in.

One that comes to mind is an agency that says if you sign an exclusive contract with them, that they will guarantee you $250,000 worth of work a year.  Now notice the word exclusive.  This means even if another agency gets you a gig you must still pay the exclusive agency their commission. This works two different ways.  You see the agency that you signed with does not have to necessarily get you the $250,000 worth of work themselves.  All they have to do is add in all the gigs for the year and say they were directly or indirectly responsible for getting you the work.  Many times an agency will go into damage control as the contract is about to expire and they have not met the promised amount of money promised to the artist that signed exclusively with them.  That is when other work suddenly appears on the same dates they already have booked.  Since the artist can’t be in two different places at the same time only one of those gigs is actually fulfilled.  Now here is the catch.  The agency says they got you the work and thus it added up to the amount promised.  The agency can’t help it if another agency wanted you for the same date that you were booked.  Many times an exclusive deal such as this falls far short of the amount promised and nothing ever gets done about it.  Once a disgruntled Artist hits the street bad mouthing an agency, then that is when he or she becomes poison and no one wants to book them.  Exclusive contracts with Booking Agents are not all they seem to be.

The Music City Ghost [File #7] 2015


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