MusicCityGhost Can This New Country Really Sing?

013 MCG LiveConcertsLoudMusic City Ghost Can This New Country Really Sing?

Did you ever wonder why the music is so loud at Country Music Concerts these days? 

It is next to impossible at these large venues to hear the words of the songs because the band is drowning out the singer.  Perhaps there is a solid reason why this is the way it is.  Maybe it is best that we don’t hear the singer any better than we do.  As long as the music is blasting and the audience can feel the bass drum and bass guitar hitting them in the chest they seem to be happy.  The repeated words over and over and over are not as important as the beat of the song and the overall rock music atmosphere.  One Country Music celebrity was even quoted as saying whenever he forgets the words to one of his songs he just points the microphone to the audience and invites them to sing along.  In some cases the audience sounds better than the singer does.  The sound man is not always the bad guy.  After all he is being paid to do what his boss wants him to do.

– The Music City Ghost [File#13] 2015


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