MusicCityGhost: Visiting the Music City Ghost House?

016 MCG OpryHuantedHouseWill People visit the Music City Ghost House If They Knew Where It Was?

One of the things that irritates me is how business entrepreneurs exploit Country Music stars name.  I am almost certain Minnie Pearl never visited one time the many stores that once existed called “Minnie Pearl’s Fried Chicken.”  Stars with a wide fan base are often asked to lend their name to an establishment for a small fee paid to them.  Loretta Lynn’s Western Wear was visited by thousands of adoring fans thinking Loretta was going to walk out of the back room to greet them.  There have been some venues owned by the star where frequent appearances by the star have occurred.  One such establishment was the “Crystal Palace” owned by Buck Owens.  Buck played there several times a year to a sold out crowd every time.  Of course Loretta Lynn still plays at her  Dude Ranch a few times a year to all her dedicated fans.  I could go on and list numerous more Country Music stars that have had their name as part of the business name on the signage but I think you have already gotten the point.  I wonder how many people would visit a place owned by the Music City Ghost?  I wonder what kind of a place would it be?  A haunted house?

– The Music City Ghost [File#16] 2015


One thought on “MusicCityGhost: Visiting the Music City Ghost House?

  1. This is a special note and request from WHISNews21 to all our readers. We are sorry but we cannot divulge the Music City Ghost’s identity no matter how many request we get to do so. As of right now we have received 231 emails and we are counting, from friends readers and even family who have just about begged us to expose the MCG. We have made a promise to the person that has taken the identity of the Music City Ghost. Or should we say the one who calls himself the Music city Ghost and cannot go back on our word. This we do also because his very career and existence in Nashville will be at risk if we do. We thank you for understanding and request that you don’t send anymore emails requesting his identity.


    Posted by WHISNews21 | July 27, 2015, 8:17 am

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