Music City Ghost Don’t Be Fooled By the Stars

MusicCityGhostOnlyStarPlayed005Music City Ghost Don’t Be Fooled By the Stars


If You’re Featured On A CD With Big Name Stars Do You Really Think You Will Be Downloaded and Played? 


There is a company here in Nashville that charges $1500 to have one of your songs placed on their compilation CD and be sent out to radio stations.  Each disk they produce has an average of 10 songs on it so they are taking in $15,000 on each one.  The gimmick they are using for the most part is there is always one or two Major Stars on each disk so you get the bragging rights that your song was released on the same CD as a star.  My concern is if the star or stars are in song placement #1 and #2 and you are in position #10 who do you think the radio station is going to play?  If the station has room to add a couple of new songs into rotation that week, that means a couple of songs needs to be dropped from rotation.  If the radio station receives a disk with 1 or 2 stars on it what do you think your chances are you will be played when the stars on there are either in the charts or have had numerous chart records already?  Every one deserves to make a living and I am not condemning this company for the service they offer or the price they are charging for their work.  The only thing I am asking you to do is to take off the blinders you are wearing and open your eyes to some other ways of thinking.

The Music City Ghost [File #5] 2015


2 thoughts on “Music City Ghost Don’t Be Fooled By the Stars

  1. Nashville was always full of sharks and con men most likely will never change.


    Posted by leo9972 | June 29, 2015, 11:42 am
  2. True here I’ve seen people go record in Nashville and pay big money and on the record musicians from big entertainers ….playing in the sessions …then the record does nothing …lol. Once the manager Nancy Sinatra told me about our song how much longer back in 90’s if you can get 10,000 dollars I can make it a hit…well I said put up your money make it a hit and recoup your money lol….well naturally he declined …if someone wants you they’ll put money up..if its a label just be smart and never sign anything without a lawyer reviewing first…


    Posted by ed begley/tat2billy | June 29, 2015, 8:21 am

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