Scotty McCreery

McKenzie Eventually Got Her Scotty McCreery Picture

scottyfans001McKenzie Eventually Got Her Scotty McCreery Picture

“Got my picture that I’ve waited for since 2011” McKenzie


Original picture taken in 2011


WHISNews21 Touch Up in 2016. We wish we were there too

It seems from information we could gather that a friend of McKenzie promised her a picture taken at a Scotty McCreery live show way back in 2011, which we will agree is some time ago.

Well as we are also huge Scotty McCreery fans here at WHISNews21 for we follow him and many of Scotty’s fans on Twitter, and as it happened that is how we came across this story.

McKenzie was pretty excited when her picture eventually arrived  and she posted it on her twitter page for all to see.

Well as I mentioned above we are also big fans of Scotty’s music and the man himself being such a perfect real 100% Country music star, we decided to touch up the picture for McKenzie a little as best we could.

McKenzie hope you like it and never stop being a fan of our future Country Music legend. For one day when you are older and Scotty is  compared to the legendary George Jones you will always be able to say I was there when Scotty sang all those songs in his youth that made him a Country Legend and here’s the picture to prove it.

Just some “Fanish” information, did you know that Scotty has two T’s, two E’s, two Y’s, two R’s, three C’s, plus one S, one O and one M in his name ? Oh did I forget to mention he has millions of fans worldwide?

 – WHISNews21


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