MusicCityGhost: Most DJ’s Must Do As They Are Told!

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Some Independent DJ’s are the only ones left that can still play the music they want to, Major DJ’s must do as they are told, or else!

Every year in Nashville there is an event put on called Country Radio Seminar or better known as CRS.  To us old timers this was called back in the day THE DISK JOCKEY CONVENTION.  Disk Jockeys are invited to attend this event  where classroom seminars, new talent showcases and plenty of food and drink abound.  The artists both established and unknown purchase display booths where they sit for hours and hand out their newest CD, headshots, bio sheets etc to every disk jockey that walks by hoping he or she will play their music when they return to their radio station where they are employed.  One year I sat in one of those booths and what I witnessed with my own eyes made me sick to my stomach.  During the breaks between seminars during the day there are coffee/juice/sweet rolls/ stations set up outside the classrooms.  This is for the Disk Jockeys enjoyment during the 15 minute breaks between lectures.  As the DJ’s walk past the artists booths they are handed anything and everything the artist has had manufactured including T-shirts, CD’s, Key chains, you name it these DJ’s are handed this stuff.  The booth I was in was only steps away from one of the Men’s Restrooms.  As soon as the 15 minute break was over I decided to use the free time to go to the restroom.  Right beside the sink was a huge waste basket overflowing with brochures, pamphlets, CD’s. pictures, yes you guessed it all the stuff they were just handed out in the hallway.  Even if you wanted to retrieve all the products from the waste receptacle it was of no use because it was all smeared with left over coffee, juice, bottled water, and to top it all off some icing from a left over danish or cinnamon roll.   There is no telling how much money it costs to get all those promotional materials made.  The biggest misconception from the artists giving away all that product is they think the DJ will bring it back to his or her state and play it.  They don’t even realize that the DJ must play what the Music/Program Director at the radio stations says to play.  This is just one more horrible wake up call for the struggling Indie Artist that needs a little education instead of more pipe dreams.

The Music City Ghost [File #23] 2015


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