MusicCityGhost Who’s Chart Show’s Real and Legit?

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You Can be Number 1 On One Radio Station And Not Even In The Charts On Another

The Music City Ghost [File #28] 2015: Nashville Tennessee has lost another unique radio show called, “Kids Radio Club.”After what seemed to have been about a year on the Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network, it was announced recently the show will no longer be produced.  There are a lot of rumors and speculation as to why the show has been discontinued but so far the real reason seemed to have been hushed up.  In the meantime more and more Internet Radio shows are popping up all over the place and it seems that each one of them has their own countdown chart show as part of their weekly broadcast.  Of course this can get very confusing because you might hear the number one song on such and such a show and find out on a different show that what was number one doesn’t even exist on the other show.  Are you still with me?  Each chart show has what they say is the countdown.  No 2 shows by different stations are the same songs.  With that being said you can be number 1 on a station and not even in the charts on another station.  This is not only unfair to the artist but the listeners as well

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