MCG: Are Artists Addicted To The Sound Of Applause?

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Can it be there is such a thing as an addiction to get applause that is stronger than dope?

The Music City Ghost [File #02] 2016: If the secret to successful marketing is, “Find a need and fill it,” then I am surely confused.  I can’t help but wonder why so many Artists and Bands save up all Winter so they can go play Summer dates for free.  It is absolutely true that there are singers, songwriters, and bands that save and scrimp to get by just so they can go somewhere and get on stage and perform with or without pay.  Can it be there is such a thing as an addiction to get applause that is stronger than dope?  If this is true than why hasn’t someone in all the infinite wisdom of MUSIC ROW come up with a fulfillment center for these ego driven people?  I am talking about an agency that puts struggling acts on stages to perform and charge them for this service.  There is an annual event I personally know about that operates as a charity and begs music folks to perform for free.  Some of these artists spend hundreds  and hundreds of dollars in travel expense, hotels, food, etc. just so they can perform in front of a crowd and justify in their mind that it is ok to do this because it is for charity.  Never ever will you convince these people that the reason why they are really doing it is because they must feed their hunger for applause and public acceptance of their music.  I know many artists that have paid their own expenses and performed overseas just to have the bragging rights that they did it.  In other words they were willing to spend money instead of making money just to fill their needs demanded on them by their ego.  

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