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WHISNews21 Magazine To Incorporate A Prayer line

PrayerExpressHeaderWHISNews21 Magazine To Incorporate A Prayer line

Rhonnie Scheuerman Opens Up A Dedicated Prayer Line For Those In Need Of A Special Prayer

Rhon2016Rhonnie Scheuerman who is very well-respected in the Nashville and worldwide Independent Music scene, due to her long-standing promotions company run by herself and husband Bob called RhonBob Promotions which as most of our readers know are retired now, is being called to duty again. This time by her thousands of friends, fans and family who have been supporting and taking Inspiration from her over the past two years through her very popular WHISNews21 daily column, “Rhonnie Scheuermans Inspiration Station.

Recently Rhon has had hundreds of requests to start a Prayer Line for people who need to ask for help in their time of need. At first Rhon believed she did not have the time to do this, after all she has spent a lifetime working hard everyday and is now retired. However, as with all “Callings” most of us always make excuses as to why we don’t have the time,, and in Rhon’s case, her excuses were valid. But the, “Calling” became stronger and stronger, and now Rhon has finally decided that this is what she is destined to do, make available a prayer line on the weekly WHISNews21  magazine.

Since Monday August 8th, 2016 Rhon has been adding prayers from all over the world on her own page in the magazine. She will add as many prayers as she possibly can to the page every week, in the hope of making a difference to the very people who are in need of adding a prayer for their loved ones for all to see. In doing so, Rhon is hoping that the Angels among us, will read the prayers and be inspired to perform miracle’s, where they are needed the most.

You can send your prayer’s to Rhonnie at RhonnieS@aol.com  Please Note if you want your prayer in the magazine by Monday it must be in Rhon’s mail box by no later than 12 noon Thursday afternoon’s. Only very urgent prayers will be accepted after that time due to publication deadlines.

– whisnews21




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