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You didn’t chose me, I chose you!!!!


When church members were asked to make prayer shawls for the opening worship at our annual conference, the response was over whelming.  There were nearly five hundred shawls- -loose-knit pastels, frothy, wisps of net, fringed- paisley silks and even shawls featuring cowboy scenes.  I quickly saw the one I wanted, a black lace manitilla   that would look great with my black dress.

Only I didn’t get to choose.  After I took Holy communion, a youth delegate selected a colorful patchwork of orange,and green, brown and lilac diamonds, cable- stitched and fingered in black.  As she draped it around my shoulders the word that came to mind was “sturdy “.

At home I draped the shawl over a chair in my bedroom, thinking  I might give it away.  Instead   I’ve found myself reaching for it each time  I have a special worry or concern.  I prayed for my grandson, Ryan when he celebrated his eighteenth birthday by going sky diving .  I wipe tears with the shawl when a tragic accident took the life of a friend.  I appreciate its warmth when an attack of bursitis made moving painful.

The shawl, I realized, was the best possible choice for me !  It was strong, sturdy and comforting- a color reminder of God’s ever lasting mercy and overflowing grace.

Thank You, Jesus for the times someone else choose exactly what I need– Penney !



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