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Nashville Fans Are H.A.P.P.Y As It Returns December


Nashville fans are H.A.P.P.Y as the music drama Axed Abruptly by ABC Returns to CMT

Nashville fans are more than happy as the famed music drama Cancelled by ABC returns to CMT this December 

Cast+Nashville+Answer+Questions+Fans+During+HtpseGAUqNvlCharles Esten, now also known as Deacon Clayborn, let the cat out of the bag so to speak during his recent performance at The Grand Ole Opry.

Well if nothing else once the show returns we will have all the answers to the cliffhangers we all thought we would never get answers for, like in never ever , ever.

Let’s hope that CMT leaves all the politically correct moments out of their new version of the show and makes it a little more like the Country that was made great by the people who knew what the country was all about.

NashvilleAfterShow001I suppose I can dream and hope a little, but the odds are against us Real Country fans as CMT will probably be trying to win over the mainstream TV viewers across all the networks with this show too, as they tried with Billy Ray’s show.

In closing here is something for all the new country fans to laugh about, I sat down and listened to a recent Top 30 Country countdown and to my surprise, I will use the word surprise just to be nice, the only song that sounded remotely country, was a Blues song. Strangely enough it was in the Country Top 30 too.

nashvilleFor me that’s depressing, but then for others its a victory over traditional county music and values. However, as we all have to live together in some sort of harmony, someone must take the back seat, someone must be the least, someone needs to back down and some must suffer (lol) ain’t this a strange world.

As for the Nashville TV Series, it just proves once again that,

“You Can’t Keep Switch A Good Show Off ” roll on December.

– WHISNews21


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