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 From Joyce Meyer”  In her book “PERFECT  LOVE”


Failing at something does not make a person a failure. I had to learn that before I was able to keep pressing past mistakes and develop the potential inside me.  Most of the people who have done great things or have failed many times before they actually succeeded!  Abraham  Lincoln said,”My great concern is not whether you have failed, but if you are content with your failure.”

Why are you; so afraid of not succeeding  at something that we won’t even try ?  I believe it is because of the fears we have about ourselves.  Deep inside themselves, many people are desperately afraid that they are flawed and don’t  want to do anything that might cause those to appear.  I also believe, that we care way too much  about what other people think.  We are never free until we have no need to impress other people.  We are never free until we have no need to impress other people.  I also believe that being afraid that God will not be pleased with us if we fail keeps many people from stepping out.

I personally  believe that God admires boldness and courage.  We must remember that He is the One who ho told us in his words not  to be afraid of anything.  Sometimes we are more likely to step right out and try something  if we don’t know we can’t do it.  When God called me to teach  .  I can truthfully say that I was not qualified , so   I did not know I couldn’t and I had absolutely no knowledge of how to do it. About two years after I started teaching my first Bible study, which was very successful, a group of more EDUCATED PEOPLE said to me, you are not reeducated people said to me”You can’t do this you are a woman, not educated and you have no training” It was too late for me to believe them because  I was already being successful at what I couldn’t do.

Many people will tell you that you can’t do a thing if it something out of the ordinary, but if it is not ordinary, then it can be extraordinary.



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