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New York Times #1 Best selling Author Joyce Meyer from her book ‘Perfect Love’


You will never be able to be anyone but you, so you may as well start enjoying yourself .  If you have a tendency to compare yourself with other people and then struggle trying to do what they do–I urge you to stop!  I was miserable for years trying to be other people- my pastor’s wife, my neighbor, my husband and many others.  I didn’t like or enjoy who I was., so I looked to others to tell me what I should be.  Don’t let other people make your decisions, because you alone will have to deal with the results of them.  My well-meaning neighbor strongly urged me to learn to sew.  She loved sewing and was sure I would love it, too.  I took sewing lessons and bought a sewing machine, but I hated sewing. Watching me learn to sew  was fulfilling to her but it was torment for me.

I tried  to pray  like one woman I knew, following the Bible study program of another, be sweet and gentle-like another, and I even tried to have a garden like one woman I knew.  When I was exhausted emotionally from trying to  be other people, I finally learned that God would only help me be me!  True, I wasn’t like other people. I Never apologize for being the person you are,  That would be like an apple tree for not being a banana  tree.  If you  are an apple tree then produce apples, if you are a banana  tree, then produce banana ‘s !   It takes all kinds of fruit to make a fruit salad.  My point is that God created us all very different on purpose.  Each of us is unique and we have something to offer.  When each of us becomes the best we can at being the best we at being ourselves, then God’s purpose  can be fulfilled.

God is not upset about who you are.  He created you and only expects  you to be you.  While it is true that we all do things we should not do’ and we need to improve, it is also true that we don’t need  to try to change, who we are.  Changing our behavior is something God will help us with, but as I said  He would not help us be someone else !

Do you not know that in a race all the runners compete, but (only) one receives the prize?

So  run (Your race) that you may  lay hold (of the prize) and make  it Yours.  1 Corinthian 9:24


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