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It Seems Trump Is Alone Against The Liberal World

donaldtrump005It Seems Trump Is Alone Against The Liberal World

Will You Sit On The Fence and Cry like A Baby When You Fall Down On The Wrong Side ?

Will Donald Trump survive the total onslaught against him? It seems that every Liberal on this planet is out to get him at all costs, no matter what. Everything Trump says is pulled out of context and the press puts their best minds at work to find a way to exploit everything that Trump says. If Trumps says he cannot stand getting up on a Monday morning, the Liberal press will publish, ‘Trump Hates Working prefers to Sleep All Day”

Hillary Clinton says, ‘”We can’t let someone with this much contempt for women’s rights anywhere near the White House,” one posting said. Well here’s another posting, “How can anyone allow someone who does not care less how Americans die in the service of their country (Benghazi) anywhere near the White House”

To most Americans I hope and pray it will be clear, who is against all the evil in the world today and who is for it, once you know who is and who is not, you must decide on voting in favor of evil or good.

My mind is made up as I prefer a world where people can live in peace, and evil is the without any doubt the enemy. For me everything is very simple, Right is Right, Wrong Is Wrong, and honesty is the best policy. People who sit on the fence most always fall backwards and eventually realize they are on the wrong side when it’s too late.

– WHISNews21


One thought on “It Seems Trump Is Alone Against The Liberal World

  1. If for no other reason I’m for a person people pick on, trap and continue to trash.


    Posted by James Marvell | March 31, 2016, 7:37 pm

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