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    Author: June Gunden:  God’s Instruction ManualJesus023

Suppose for a moment that through a wealthy benefactor you inherit a private airplane .  Not knowing how to fly, but knowing it can be done, you climb into the cockpit and begin to push buttons, determined to lift off.  How ridiculous, you say ! I’d crash the plane and probably kill myself.  The people who made that airplane have provided instructions about how to fly it. I would certainly take some lessons from them.

Yes it is difficult for us to admit that we need “living ” instructions from the One who created us.  He knows how life has been designed  to work.   He knows, for example, that if we mistreat  other people by cheating or stealing, the natural result will be suffering and pain for all involved.  He cared enough about us to give us a book that would fill us on the rules and regulations beforehand.

Moses had explained to the people of Israel the truth and  consequences !  If you obey God’s instructions you will live, if you disobey, you will die (Deuteronomy 28)  King Josiah believed this.  When he heard what the Book of the Law said.  “he tore his robe” (2 Kings 22:11.) an expression  of great emotion and repentance.  He knew that his nation had disobeyed God’s covenant, and he realized the terrible price they would have to pay as a result.

Today, when we read the same words Josiah read, do we really believe them?  Or are we more like Josiah’s son King  Josiah and his attendants, who when they heard God’s direction through the prophet Jeremiah, “showed no fear, nor did they tear their clothes” (Jeremiah 36:24)”.  To many people God’s law is “interesting” or “inspiring” !   but not heartrending and life changing.

May God help us to study his  “instruction manual” every day, to believe it’s message, and to treasure it’s wisdom. 

With the psalmist, may we cry: Oh how I love your law!  I meditate on it all day long (Psalm 119:97)


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