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Wyn Machon Tell’s It Like It Is On WHISNews21

WynMachonColumn001Wyn Machon Tell’s It Like It Is On WHISNews21

What Gets Up My Nose Is The Amount Of Email Containing Links


WynMachonColumn002I get a lot of material eg songs via email, plus all the other mail from friends etc. Now what gets up my nose is the amount of email containing links to here there and everywhere plus a load of written material. You get say five lines of guff then there will be a link you should click on, then more lines to be read, plus another link to click on, and this goes on and on and on. I have yet to find the mp3 of what ever song it is I am supposed to listen to. If the song is so good and the singer is so good please just send the mp3 and let me be the judge as to whether its going to see the playlist or not.

I am not interested in pages of guff about whatever and so many links I should click on. So if you have sent me this sort of promotion and wondered why you have never seen your promoted song on my lists, well now you know the reason, I don’t read all the stuff. Just send the mp3 and a small bio. Don’t try and lead me up the garden path and bamboozel me I haven’t the time or the will to read it all and then go looking for a link that gives me a song, sorry ….

 Have a good week, and may the sun always shine on you .. take care folks Wyn


One thought on “Wyn Machon Tell’s It Like It Is On WHISNews21

  1. As always Mr Machon writes a good column- goes strait to what he wants to hear in a top song, Please send me Mr Machon’s email address, I have a song I have written “SING OUT AMERICA FOR OUR VETERANS.
    Artist: Arlene Renee- Writer: Rhonnie Scheuerman


    Posted by Rhon Scheuerman | July 25, 2016, 8:51 am

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