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Author: Marie Chapan “Fullness in Christ”Jesus027

EVERY time somebody asks me what my astrological sign is , I tell them, “Jesus is my sign.  I’m a Christian.”  Often the person will continue, “Yes what month were you born in?” Still I persist I’m a Christian  I’m born again.”  For centuries  people have believed that their destiny is controlled by the month.  They are slaves to the stars. Thank goodness that for those who believe in Jesus Christ there is freedom from such bondage.

Colossians 2:10 tells us we are complete in Christ- not in anything else.  He is the head over every power in the universe.  We need never be threatened by the forces of darkness  that may surround you. Christ reigns above the forces.  The stars can’t control our destined- Jesus created the stars!. He is our authori It is a wonderful thing to be made whole and full.  This means we can stop searching for identity  and self worth in the elemental and base philosophies of the word.  Our future is in Christ   because no longer are we incomplete creatures, helpless  in the face of an unseen destiny.

Nonetheless, we must guard against seductive philosophies and false religions,  just as we must look inward at our own personal, unbridled  needs.         I have counseled countless people who are insecure, fearful,moody ,and desperately dependent on the approval of other people.  These thing can imprison us just as miserably as the deceptive philosophy of  astrology.

Jesus Christ is the head over every power and authority, and he  is more powerful   than sorrow, gloom, fear, insecurity and the need for approval It is important that we fear insecurity and the need for approval.  It is important that we tell ourselves daily, “I find my personhood in the Lord Jesus and  not in other people, not in success, relationships, ideal circumstances or the stars.”

Then tell the Lord triumphantly, “Thank you for giving me fullness


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