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Jim Rose Remembers Radio Friday July 15, 2016


July 15, 2016 [Friday] Issue #1529


LOOK! UP IN THE SKY! One of our most favorite TV series is the original Superman from September 19, 1952 to its final episode on April 28, 1958. George Reeves plays Clark Kent/Superman. Jack Larson is Daily Planet reporter Jimmy Olsen. How can we ever forget Noel Neill as petite 5′ 4″ reporter Lois Lane who suspects that her Daily Planet teammate Clark Kent is The Man of Steel? On Sunday, July 3, 2016 Noel Darleen Neill passes away at 95 after a long undisclosed illness in her home in Tucson, AZ.

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TERRORST CRASHES DALLAS NEWSPAPER The eerie sniper attack before 9 pm local time on July 7, 2016 that erupts near the site of the JFK assassination in Dallas, TX reeks havoc on first responders. This is near the Dallas Morning News building that sits beside the former home of WFAA-820/570 where I am a DJ from 1967-68. Readers from around the world cannot access the Dallas Morning News Web site because it crashes from the rash of panic-stricken readers of the shooting that murders five Dallas, TX police officers.

WHO WILL REPLACE BILL O’REILLY? With one year to go before his contract with Fox News expires, Cable TV’s most popular Talk show personality Bill O’Reilly interview with AdWeek proclaims: I don’t want to work this hard much longer. I know that. Because I work hard. I earn my money. O’Reilly reportedly makes at least $15 million a year. Fox News #1 personality, Bill O’Reilly, 66, says he’s not sure how much longer he wants to host The O’Reilly Factor. For over a decade The Factor is the #1 show on cable TV news.

IT’S OFFICIAL CBS RADIO GOES PUBLIC Late Friday, July 8, 2016 CBS Radio files for IPO with SEC to separate from CBS Corporation to be a separate, publicly traded company. Almost no chance a single buyer will be able to snare all of CBS Radio. When CBS is ready to start accepting offers, the stations will sell offpiecemeal, with clusters going to various buyers. No one knows if CBS Radio will keep its name, if it reverts back to its former Infinity name (which CBS still owns), or choose a new name.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What kills the music CD in popularity? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! John Wright Friday, July 15th. Tweed Scott Saturday, July 16, 2016. •DAN HALYBURTON (Falls Media Group) and Johnny Chiang (KKBQ FM) return to the Country Radio Broadcasters (CRB) 2016-2017 Board. •CHARLIE MONK continues as Lifetime Director Emeritus of CRB. •IHEARTMEDIADenver, CO axe falls on 18-year company vet Joe Bevilacqua. iHeart restructures Joe out of longtime position as Rock Brand Coordinator and PD of Active Rock KBPI FM (106.7) and Classic Rock KRFX FM (103.5 The Fox).


•1954 KOCO TV ABC CH 5 in Oklahoma City, OK begins broadcasting on July 15th. •1964 ROGER MILLER’ssingle Dang Me lands at #1 in Billboard Country on July 18th. •1973 PAUL GETTY III kidnapped on July 15th.•1980 GLEN CAMPBELL and Tanya Tucker sing National Anthem on July 14th at Republican National Convention in Detroit, MI. •1991 U.S. TROOPS exit northern Iraq on July 15th. •2011 JASON ALDEAN’ssingles Dirt Road Anthem and My Kinda Party go Platinum on July 15th.


JAY WEAVER [KLBK – Lubbock, TX; KDNT – Denton, TX; KPCN – Grand Prairie, TX; KBUY – Fort Worth, TX] (Fort Worth–Hurst, TX) Subject: KCLE-AM; Cleburne, Texas – Sad news to report, Jim as KCLE-AM in Cleburne, Texas has gone dark! Known and respected as one of the most successful AM radio stations in Texas, if not the state and the nation, founder George Marti put KCLE on the “Radio Map” in 1947 at 1120 Kc. A lot of history through the years with KCLE which at points along the way many, many Radio Professionals have worked including former KXOL Vice-President and General Manager, Earle Fletcher. In recent years, with a few other dial locations, KCLE ended up at 1460 on the AM dial after an exchange of frequencies that concluded with the radio death of historic WACO in Waco, TX, in the opinion of many to be the most convoluted and disrespectful radio station dial moves ever made. Most recently, KCLE was labeled as “Outlaw Radio”, playing a Country format of sorts and no Air Personalities, but a very good signal over much of the Fort Worth-Dallas area. RIP, KCLE – at least for now.

WHERE DO YOU READ JRRR? Tell us how far away from Houston, TX that you read JRRR. Got a news tip or a question? Send your full Name, City, State and Country of residence to Rosekkkj@earthlink.net.

JEROME DAVIS [ex KLTV, KDOK, KEEE, KMHT, KRLD-1080, KFJZ-1270 & WBAP-820] (Fort Worth-Colleyville, TX) Yes, his (Tony Bridge) wife is Joann and lives in Fort Worth. They have a son, James Martin who is an attorney and a daughter Victoria. I don’t know about grandchildren. Now you given me some new info. I did not know Larry James came through KFJZ. I passed through there in 1963. Jerome

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JAY WALKER [CBS Radio Dallas/KJKK FM/Infinity KTSA-550/KTFM FM/Own Jay Walker Prod/Jay Walker Competitive Audio consultant 40 Plus Years In Radio] (Dallas-McKinney, TX) Subject: On my soapbox. I mention KGAF, give it a listen when you can Steve Eberhardt has really fine tunes that station and it sounds like a winner. There are VT elements, BUT they’re done by LOCAL talent and the station bills itself as ‘Home Town Radio’ and sounds like it. Steve learned from the masters, Ron Chapman at KVIL, and I believe Steve even did time at KLIF (1190). There’s a ‘listen’ link here http://www.1580kgaf.com/

WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ABOUT TODAY’S RADIO? WHERE IS RADIO HEADED? We want to know what is on your mind. Let’s start a radio revolution. Give us your opinion about today’s radio or whatever is on your mind at Rosekkkj@earthlink.net.

ANDY WALDROP [ex KILT-610, KIKK FM] (Houston, TX) Jim, My best guess (and this is ONLY a guess) is that CBS Radio would be a totally separate company from CBS Corporation. They are, evidently, going to do an IPO for CBS Radio in the near future. Sorry I can’t be of any more help than that. Talk to you soon, Andy

TRIVIA ANSWER: On July 7, 1989 Compact discs (CDs) begin to outsell vinyl records for the first time. CD dominance wipes out the 45 RPM single. But the 3½-inch CD single fails to gain momentum because record companies refuse to offer CDs at reasonable prices.

ED MILLER [ex OM/PD KPCN-730] (Austin, TX) Jim, Good to hear from you, my friend. If I understand correctly, your mechanic has replaced the needed parts on your Buick, so that should make you mobile again, and now able to get to the KPCN reunion. As soon as our Hollywood friend Brad Wilson gets his schedule set for being in our area, we’ll pick a date and finally get us all back together again. I’m sure looking forward to it. Take care, and hope to see you soon. ~Ed

FLATT & SCRUGGS (1950) So often down here we’ll have a reunion. Our loved ones and friends will be gathered around. Some faces are missed, they have gone home to Heaven.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo


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