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Not Everyone Will Return to Nashville but why Aubrey?

Aubrey PeeplesNot Everyone Will Return to “Nashville”

Nashville may be headed to CMT for season 5, but not everyone will be returning. Luke Wheeler and Layla Grant will be worked out of the music industry drama. Will Chase and Aubrey Peeples will be moving onto other things, instead of stirring up drama in Nashville. No word how their exits will be worked into the script. Will is said to be headed back to Broadway to continue with his theater career.

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South Africa The Land Of Milk, Honey and Free Stuff

MabopaneMallLootingAftermath002Business Looting Won’t Be Tolerated, Minister

Imagine if this was the Florida Mall in Orlando and you walk in to find that every store has been looted and empty, well that is what this Mall in South Africa Looks like today below News 24 comment


MabopaneMallLootingAftermath008Pretoria – The looting of small businesses in Tshwane was unacceptable and would not be tolerated, Small Business Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu said on Sunday.

(File, City Press)

SA Development Minister Lindiwe Zulu

The violence had reversed gains government had made in harmonising the relationships between locals and traders of foreign origin, Zulu said.

Dozens of shops were looted this week in Tshwane as residents protested after the African National Congress announced Thoko Didiza as its mayoral candidate. Five people died in one week during the violent protests.

MabopaneMallLootingAftermath007“The violence, destruction of property and various acts of criminality directed at foreign-owned traders cannot be tolerated in a democratic society,” she said in a statement.

Investments up in smoke as Lindiwe Zule on Sunday condemned the looting in the “strongest possible terms”. 

“On what basis will people be prepared to become entrepreneurs when their investments can go up in smoke for no fault of theirs?” she asked. (Questions not asked in this article were , While This Was happening where were the South African Police force? Yet they will be commended)

MabopaneMallLootingAftermath001Zulu commended the police for their work in Tshwane and urged them to leave no stone unturned to restore calm and stability.

“We are confident that our law enforcement agencies will continue to deal firmly against these anarchists and destructionists [sic].”

MabopaneMallLootingAftermath003She called on community leaders to refrain from mobilising members of the public against foreign traders for “their own selfish interests”.

MabopaneMallLootingAftermath006Zulu said she was concerned the ongoing intimidation of small business owners and destruction of small businesses would “discourage entrepreneurs to establish new businesses, and thus undermine our efforts of building a nation of entrepreneurs and job creators”.


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Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman


Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station For All In Need This Morning

  “A Role Model” Author Samantha McGarrity


Not too long ago, I read a piece in the newspaper stating that there was evidence from a current archeological  dig that the Queen  of Sheba really did exist.  A few days later during my  morning Bible reading, I randomly flipped to a passage and came across the story of the queen’s visit to King Solomon .  She sounded like a very independent woman with a healthy curiosity . A woman of means, she didn’t mind hitting the road occasionally to seek out answers.  And she was honest straight forward  , in telling King Solomon just what she thought of him, after she tested his knowledge.

She was also a woman who gave credit where credit was due- something I often forget to do myself. She praised Solomon’s God for the splendor of his kingdom.  That may have been the reason why,  after all these centuries, the Queen of Sheba is still remembered. I’d like to take her as a role model .

Honestly  Giving Credit Praising  God

All traits that will help me daily, and I like to think, keep me a nice memory in the minds of other.

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