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Surely the Lord is in this place Genesis 28 -16


Author….  Alma Barkman

Our family had decided we should celebrate my seventieth birthday in style

by eating dinner at Pine Ridge Hollow A Quaint little restaurant in the country

Reservation were made, and on the appointed day we all piled into our son Lyle’s van for the twenty-mile drive.  Lively conversation  as each passenger  took great delight in teasing me about my advancing years, discussing all the challengers associated  with aging. 

About five miles down the road, an uncharacteristic lull  descended on the conversation.  At that point, Brent, our fifty – year-old son, suddenly broke the silence with a whinny “Are we there yet.”

A burst of laughter and then a stream of complaints followed, reminiscent of our family trips when the children were young.  “I have to go to the bathroom.” “I need a drink of water.” ” I’m hungry!” “Mom , he’s teasing me again.” Dad, he’s hogging all the space.” Coming from these now middle-aged men, the comments created more ripples of laughter, until all too soon we were at our destination.

Back in those early days, we discovered that the way to maintain peace among impatient little travelers on a long trip was to keep them constantly occupied with quizzes and books and games and singing.  A similar  solution seems to work for us seniors and middle-aged folks.  The busier we keep ourselves, the less time we have for murmuring  and complaining on this long journey of life.

Father God keep me peacefully and joyfully focused on worthwhile activities until the day I reach my destination.

“Lord how long”- Isaiah 6:11


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