Nashville Fan Fair

Rose Angelica Shares Her 2016 FanFest Experience P1

RoseAngelicaBlueBirdCafe001Rose Angelica Shares Her 2016 Fan Fest Experience Part 1

There Were Stages All Over Town With Free Music & Big Stars Performing Everywhere


RoseAngelicaBlueBirdCafe004Country Music Association CMA fan Fest 2016 was truly a very exciting week for me one that I am happy top relive for y’all on WHISNews21.  It was very hot in Nashville a schorching 95-99 degrees almost everyday and the music thankfully was even hotter which made it all worthwhile. I am not kidding you there were stages all over town with free music and big stars performing around every corner and just about everywhere you go.

I started the week off by performing at the world famous Bluebird Café which most of you have either been to or seen in a movie somewhere sometime, and most recently in the very popular Nashville TV series.  It was my 1st performance there ever and I was very excited to be honest. It was unbelievable when I was told that the crowd was waiting in the hot sun, 95-99 degrees for more than 2 hours to get into the 75 seat club.

RoseAngelicaBlueBirdCafe002If you have ever been there you will know that there is not much place to hide from the sun outside the Bluebird Café. I did manage to sneak in a picture with my biggest fan Rich my husband after the show while leaving. I felt so honored when a couple of fans showed up from England just to see me, and the first thing they said is they just love my #1 song on AirplayExpress – “Girls Just Wanna Drink Beer”. They made me feel great as they were so thrilled to see me and get an autograph and a picture with me at the Bluebird.

It was great fun to play on the stage that so many stars have performed on and where they filmed the TV show Nashville. If anyone could have read my mind they would have know that I wouldve played there all day and into the night, but then I had to finally finish up but hey it was just amazing

– Rose Angelica 4 WHISNews21


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