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Latest: Shops Looted As the Chaos Continues In SA

BurnedBussesViolent fallout over African National Congress (ANC) Mayoral Candidate For Pretoria

Protesters Turned large parts of Pretoria into no-go zones on Tuesday morning

Police officers‚ including cops on leave‚ have been drafted in from other areas to quell the violence that has seen vehicles being torched‚ business ransacked and roads blocked in Atteridgeville‚ Hammanskraal‚ Mamelodi and Garankuwa.

TruckBurnMost main roads in and out of the townships were barricaded with burning debris‚ leaving people unable to get out of the township to go to work. Journalists were threatened on Tuesday morning‚ with a Sowetan reporter in Atteridgeville being warned by an agitated protester who was covering his face with a jacket and carrying a brick:

“Take my picture‚ you will be the next thing on flames.” One of the agitated Protesters

The nearby N4 highway to Rustenburg was also affected as it was barricaded with burning tyres and mobs turned cars away. A large crowd engaged in running battles with the police‚ who appeared to be overstretched‚ along the highway.

Gauteng police said on Tuesday morning that a joint operation centre was established in Tshwane to manage policing in the area‚ and provincial commissioner Deliwe De Lange said anyone found committing a crime would be arrested immediately.

TyresBurnMEC’s Qedani Mahlangu plea to Tshwane protesters: Don’t burn down clinics. 

“We plead with communities to refrain from attacking EMS vehicles and appreciate the effect this has on service delivery and people’s lives. We also discourage burning of clinics or hampering of services‚” she said.

Protesters in Atteridgeville shouted “no Sputla‚ no vote”‚ and vowed to continue with their actions until the decision to replace current Tshwane mayor Sputla Ramokgopa with Thoko Didiza is reversed.

‘We’ll Burn the Whole of Pretoria If Needs Be’ – Protesters

“We do not know Didiza. She is not from Tshwane. We nominated Sputla and we will only accept him‚” resident Themba Ndala said.

Ramokgopa on Tuesday denounced the violence‚ saying it was pure criminality as the Tshwane ANC leadership had accepted the decision of the party’s national executive committee.

Tshwane1But an ANC regional executive committee source‚ who asked not to be named‚ appeared to contradict this‚ saying: “This new mayor is being imposed on us. We didn’t ask for her and we wont accept her. We will burn the whole of Pretoria if needs be.”

He added that there was grave concern over the violence: “People were warning that it was coming but no one has listened and now you see this. If it’s not dealt with quickly it’s going to get a lot worse.”

The ANC on Monday confirmed that one of its members was killed during a confrontation at the Tshwane Events Centre on Sunday night.

On Monday night‚ at least 20 buses were torched and a metro police vehicle was also reportedly set alight.

protestsssLocals carry a Coca Cola branded refrigerator they looted at a nearby shop during protests in Atteridgeville, a township located to the west of Pretoria on June 21, 2016.

According to eyewitnesses‚ businesses and factories were closed off after protesters started burning tyres and filling up the CBD.

“Protesters are burning tyres and surrounding shops are being looted by youngsters in the area‚” said an eyewitness.

The ANC has condemned the violence and called on its members to rally behind Didiza.

– TMG Digital/The Times/Sowetan/BDlive

Rose Angelica Shares Her 2016 FanFest Experience P1

RoseAngelicaBlueBirdCafe001Rose Angelica Shares Her 2016 Fan Fest Experience Part 1

There Were Stages All Over Town With Free Music & Big Stars Performing Everywhere


RoseAngelicaBlueBirdCafe004Country Music Association CMA fan Fest 2016 was truly a very exciting week for me one that I am happy top relive for y’all on WHISNews21.  It was very hot in Nashville a schorching 95-99 degrees almost everyday and the music thankfully was even hotter which made it all worthwhile. I am not kidding you there were stages all over town with free music and big stars performing around every corner and just about everywhere you go.

I started the week off by performing at the world famous Bluebird Café which most of you have either been to or seen in a movie somewhere sometime, and most recently in the very popular Nashville TV series.  It was my 1st performance there ever and I was very excited to be honest. It was unbelievable when I was told that the crowd was waiting in the hot sun, 95-99 degrees for more than 2 hours to get into the 75 seat club.

RoseAngelicaBlueBirdCafe002If you have ever been there you will know that there is not much place to hide from the sun outside the Bluebird Café. I did manage to sneak in a picture with my biggest fan Rich my husband after the show while leaving. I felt so honored when a couple of fans showed up from England just to see me, and the first thing they said is they just love my #1 song on AirplayExpress – “Girls Just Wanna Drink Beer”. They made me feel great as they were so thrilled to see me and get an autograph and a picture with me at the Bluebird.

It was great fun to play on the stage that so many stars have performed on and where they filmed the TV show Nashville. If anyone could have read my mind they would have know that I wouldve played there all day and into the night, but then I had to finally finish up but hey it was just amazing

– Rose Angelica 4 WHISNews21

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman


Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station For All In Need This Morning

Surely the Lord is in this place Genesis 28 -16 

You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you


Author: Dolphus Weary

      We lost our son Reggie on June 23, 2004, and we always face the  Anniversary of that day with heavy hearts.  As June 23 approached a couple of years ago my wife Rosie told me about an experience she’s had. “Dolphus, I was driving the other day, in pain and feeling discouraged, when I saw the most beautiful rainbow.  I remembered how, after the flood, God made the rainbow a sign of his promises. “On that same day, I was reading a card we’d received from a group formed to connect those who had lost children.  It had pictures of a rainbow and a butterfly on it, and the word hope.  God surely used the rainbow and the card to remind me that He is our hope.” Rosie’s story was a welcome reminder that our God and Father watches over us and sends us messages of His calming presence when we need Him most.

                  Lord, when my heart is heavy, open my eyes every day in the signs of  Your presence around me.  Dolphus Weary

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