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Sally Vaughn Received a Lifetime Achievement Award

LifetimeAchievementAwardtoSallyVaughn001Sally Vaughn Received A Lifetime  Achievement Award!

Frans Swart, CEO of Lefra Productions and Lance James presented Sally Vaughn with a lifetime achievement award at the Country Spectacular Show at Carnival City’s Big Top Arena for her tremendous contribution to Country Music in South Africa.

WHISNews21SallyVuaghn001In 1983 Sally Vaughn earned a Sarie award with her songs: ”The Teddy Bear Song” and “With You” on her album “Mama Country” as “Best Female Country Singer”. By this time she was already known as “Mama Country”, a title bestowed on her by Lance James.

Lance decided to present Sally’s rendition of “Glory Glory Hallelujah” to the American Country Music Association,  and shortly thereafter Sally was invited to visit the USA.

WHISNews21SallyVuaghn002In June 1984 Sally performed in Nashville,  Tennessee,  at the Annual Country Awards and received a standing ovation for her songs “Glory Glory  Hallelujah” and “Somewhere Between”.

She was invited as one of the lead performers a year later and again received a standing ovation. In 1989 Sally Vaughn,  Lance James,  Clive Bruce,  Billy Forrest and Joanna Field began the group ”Over The Hillbillies”, and released five albums.

“She is a wonderful talented singer and earned international recognition.  She is very naughty and I just love her sense of humor.” Frans Swart

FransSwartSallyVaughnLanceJames001Some of Sally’s greatest hits are”Glory Glory Hallelujah”,  “Cryin’ My Heart Out Over You”,  “Your Old Love Letters”,  “Somewhere Between”, ”Special Angel”, ”A Simple Goodbye”,  “Piece Of My Heart”,  ”He Talks To Me”,  “If I Give My Heart To You”, ”When Old Flames Burn Blue”,  “Weep No More”, ”Daddy’s Hands”, ”Tammy” and many more.

“If somebody earned this award, it is Sally.  She is a wonderful person, very talented and somebody who I have the utmost respect.” Lance James

By handing over the Award, Frans Swart, said he has the utmost respect for Miss Sally Vaughn.  “She is a wonderful talented singer and earned international recognition.  She is very naughty and I just love her sense of humor.” Lance James added by saying that he and Sally toured together for many, many years.

 – Charl Senekal Lefra Productions

Wyn Machon Tell’s It Like It Is On WHISNews21


Wyn Machon Tell’s It Like It Is On WHISNews21

Huge crescendo of Drums Guitar played like highly strung wire fence Voice like someone’s being Castrated


WynMachon002I have listened to around 30 or 40 songs this morning out of that lot I have saved 4 , I get sick of songs starting of with a huge crescendo of drums then a guitar being played like a highly strung wire fence and on top of that in comes a voice like someone is being castrated .

Bloody hell lets get proper country music back. That other crap may be OK in a club where nobody is listening , but radio listeners like to hear the words from the singer not someone trying to bash a set of drums to bits

Well that’s my  thoughts sorted . Thought I better add I didn’t listen to the songs all the way through, the openings are enough these days

May the sun always shine on you .. Wyn

Larry M.Clark Celebrity Showcase on Worldwide Radio



Down South Country Stereo Air’s Larry M.Clark’s AirplayExpress Celebrity Showcase

Celebrity Showcase debuts at 12 noon CST this morning & 7pm CAT this evening on Down South Country


This Celebrity Showcase features a Major Star featured side by side with Larry M Clark at the world-famous HeroDome in Cyber City outside Nashville Tennessee, presented by your AirplayExpress Host Frans Maritz. Each radio show features the hits songs of both a major artist and an independent artist. Each show is perceived to be recorded live in front of a live audience and creates the impression that our Independent Superstar and Hall Of Fame Member, Larry M Clark is in fact performing live on stage, while the DJ plays songs in the studio by Dave’s favorite Country Star. It is to be noted that the HeroDome in CyberCity is a fictitious place created for the sole purposes of the Celebrity Showcase Live shows, and does not really exist. This 60 minute AirplayExpress Celebrity Showcase radio show is available to all radio stations worldwide for airing on their networks as part of their membership agreement.

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DSC Latestheader

The June 2016 Temporary schedule supplied to us by DSC is as follows:

June 20:  The AirplayExpress 60 Minute Celebrity Showcase Ft Larry M. Clark

June 27:  The AirplayExpress 30 Minute Celebrity Showcase Ft Dave Caley

For So Much More info on Larry M. Clark Celebrity Showcase Radio Special please click Here


Jim Rose Remembers Radio Monday June 20, 2016


June 20, 2016 [Monday] Issue #1522


THUG KILLS RADIO DJ On Sunday evening, ‎June ‎12, ‎2016 El Paso, TX officers respond to a homicide at the Terrace Hill Apartments and find 33-year-old former KLAQ FM DJ Richard (Mardi Gras) Madrigal lying limp from a gunshot wound. Marinda Palacios who witnesses the tragic killing of the radio DJ gives police the name of the alleged shooter. Police indentify the suspect who slays the former KLAQ FM DJ as 31-year-old Leonel Hernandez. Cops toss the thug in the slammer on murder charges with a $1M bond.

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MUSIC HIT MAKER COMPLETES FINAL GIG We remember many wonderful hit tunes from record producer and guitarist Chips Moman by Elvis Presley, Bobby Womack, Carla Thomas, Merrilee Rush and The Box Tops. Songwriter Moman pens standards for Aretha Franklin, Waylon Jennings and B. J. Thomas, including the Grammy-winning (Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song. Lincoln Wayne Chips Moman passes away on June 13, 2016 the day after his 79th birthday in a LaGrange, GA hospice.

MASON CANNOT STAY AWAY FROM RADIO CBS chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves is in talks about selling CBS Radio’s 187 frequencies. Former longtime CBS Radio President Dan Mason retires from that position a year ago. Radio’s current largest member iHeartMedia’s 850 radio station’s fiances are in disarray. Time to call in reinforcement from veteran radio industry exec Dan Mason who sits on the sidelines. CEO and Chairman Bob Pittman and President, COO and CFO Rich Bressler send out the SOS to Dan Mason.

REDSTONE SAYS SELL CBS RADIO CBS chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves says that although CBS’s controlling shareholder Sumner Redstone opposes Viacom’s plans to sell a stake in Paramount Pictures, he is on board with plans to sell or spin off its 117-station CBS Radio group. During the Q&A portion of CBS’s 2016 shareholders meeting Thursday in New York, Moonves describes the CBS Radio sale: Our situation with radio has absolutely nothing to do with Viacom. We have received full support from Mr. Redstone.

TRIVIA QUESTION: When does the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induct its first female artist? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Gary DeLaune June 20th, Traci Strunk June 22nd, Bob Shannon & Kathleen Haas June 23, 2016. •ROBERT [Cisco Kidd] MUELLER is new Market Manager of Alpha Media’s Amarillo, TX cluster Country KGNC FM, News-Talk KGNC-710 and Classic Hits KXGL FM (100.9). •LANCE HALE is new Program Director of Beasley Active Rock WRXK FM (96 K-Rock) Fort Myers, FL effective July 5, 2016 to succeed Jeff Zito who heads to Tampa as new PD of Beasley sister WBRN FM (98.7) on Monday, June 20, 2016.


•1950 JOE DIMAGGIO’s 2,000th hit on June 20th, Yankees beat Indians 8-2. •1965 NEIL THRASHERsongwriter (Kenny Chesney’s There Goes My Life) is born on July 13th in Birmingham, AL. •1973 JUAN PERON returns to Argentina on June 20th. •1980 JOHN ANDERSON’s self-titled debut album releases on Warner Bros. records on July 1st. •1994 CHARLOTTE AUERBACH computer pioneer/mathematician dies at 84 on June 20th. •2006 KENNY CHESNEY begins 5-week run at #1 on June 17th in Billboard withSummertime.


MIKE BUTTS [ex Oldies WNCL FM (COOL 101.3)] (Boston, MA) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio June 17, 2016 [Friday] Issue #1521. Jim how strange I too attended Elkins Institute on Inwood road as I recall:) Mike Butts ( / (

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LESLIE WAYNE HODGES [ex KRCS DJ] (Lake Livingston, TX) Subject: Mike Lawrence KICKS 99.1 Midland. When I was with KMCM 97 Gold 2003 – 2004 Mike was in the one of the two other stations In the building, Leslie

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JAY WALKER [CBS Radio Dallas/KJKK FM/Infinity KTSA-550/KTFM FM/Own Jay Walker Prod/Jay Walker Competitive Audio consultant 40 Plus Years In Radio] (Dallas-McKinney, TX) Subject: The ‘Engineer’ Crisis! Jim As a former Chief Engineer I had to speak out on the coming crisis in broadcast engineering. When you see adds in the trades seeking engineers they usually go along these lines. Wanted Chief Engineer 6 Stations, must have extensive transmitter and RF background, directional array experience a must, studio, IT and remotes. On call 24/7 365. Starting pay $30,000 must provide own vehicle. Now tell me again how much engineers are regarded in a company structure offering a wage like that and that is NOT an abnormality, some start in the mid $20K range. Only a first class idiot would take on those responsibilities at that abysmal wage. They broke it, let them fix it

TRIVIA ANSWER: Of the 159 total inductions in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Performers category, 135 are solo male performers or male groups. Only 10 solo female performers and 13 groups which contain at least one female performer are added since the Hall admits its first female—Aretha Franklin—on January 3, 1987. Keith Richards inducts Aretha Franklin but she doesn’t show up. Keith just completes production plus he performs on Franklin’s version of Jumpin’ Jack Flash.

CLAUDE HALL [Former Billboard magazine Vox Jox columnist] (Las Vegas, NV) Subject: Vox Jox. Each Monday, Rollye James Cornell & Claude Hall produce a watering hole for radio and music Men and Women To read: www.VoxJ.orgox/ Please tell friends that might be interested! To subscribe: By subscribing, we avoid being tagged spam when we need to reach you. We promise to keep your email confidential! Just FYI, we’ve helped countless old friends get back in touch. Whatever … please tune in!

BLAKE LINDSAY [ex KHFI FM, KBTS, KTSA-550, KTFM FM, KLUV FM, KODZ FM and KISS FM] (Dallas-Addison, TX) Sometimes I lose a production client, but I’ve never lost one without gaining one to replace. You do a super job that hundreds maybe thousands by now enjoy. Your Friend, Blake (

JAMES CASH PENNEY (September 16, 1875 – February 12, 1971) Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman


Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station For All In Need This Morning

Todays Reflecting and renewing by Author:  Corrie ten Boom


Reflect: I once visited  a weaver’s school,where the students were making beautiful patterns.  I asked, “When you make a mistake must you cut it our and start from the beginning?

Renew: That is what the lord does with our mistakes.  He is the greatest artist, but we must surrender.  Surrender your blunders to the Lord.  He can use them to make the pattern of your life more beautiful …….

Revive: Psalm 147:1-14  and Proverbs16:1-9

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