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Jim Rose Remembers Radio Monday June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016 [Monday] Issue #1520


CRAZED GUNMAN SLAYS THE VOICE SINGER Christina Grimmie, a 22-year-old one-time contestant on the TV show The Voice is shot dead after a concert Friday by a gunman who travels from another part of Florida to kill her, While Christina does a meet-and-greet, signing autographs and selling merchandise, a gunman, who appears to be a deranged fan approaches the singer, opens fire and kills her. The 27-year-old Kevin James Loibl then fatally shoots himself after Grimmie’s brother tackles him.

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WEST TO FOG Alicia Tyler PD/midday personality on Stephens Media Group Alternative WZNE FM (94.1 The Zone) Rochester, NY is new Music Director of spruced up Cumulus Triple A KFOG FM (104.5) San Francisco, CA on June 22, 2016. Prior to Rochester, the 17-year programming professional has wonderful radio credentials: KMYZ FM Tulsa, OK; KLCK FM (98.9) Seattle, WA; KKDO FM (94.7) Sacramento, CA; KLLC FM (97.3) and KMVQ FM (99.7) San Francisco, CA; plus KOSO FM (B93.1) Stockton/Modesto, CA.

RADIO JOBS NOSE DIVE If you are presently on the air at a radio station you a member of an increasingly exclusive club. RadioWorld cites recent data on employment trends show job shrinkage in the industry over the past quarter century. The Telcom Law of 1996 causes considerable consolidation which means fewer jobs. From 1990 through early this year, the number of radio broadcasting jobs drop about 27 percent. There are 118,700 radio broadcasting jobs in 1990 compared to 86,800 through March 2016.

NEW RADIO CRISIS AHEAD Along with the current generation of engineers who move ever-closer to retirement, at this year’s NAB, the coming crisis in broadcasting is the lack of qualified people interested in getting into broadcast engineering. Without someone who knows the current broadcast technology and equipment and how to install, configure, maintain, and repair it, can your broadcast facility and operation stay on the air for very long? No one seems to appear to replace the retiring engineers.

TRIVIA QUESTION: Who creates popular radio dramas Inner Sanctum, CBS Mystery Theatre, The Adventures of the Thin Man and Dick Tracy? The answer appears below.


•CUMULUS names 21-year radio programming pro Lance Tidwell as Cluster Operations Manager for its seven-station Kansas City cluster and the KC Chiefs Radio Network. •BLACK SABBATH and Ozzy Osbourne who threaten to retire many times pledge that their November 12, 2016 show in the AT&T Center will be their last San Antonio, TX concert. •LOS ANGELES DODGERS and iHeartMedia file with the FCC that the franchise will take an equity stake in Sports KLAC-570 Los Angeles, CA as part of their new rights agreement.


•1959 SAMMY KAYE SHOW one of our favorites last airs on ABC TV on June 13th. •1969 JACK GREENE’sClassic single Statue Of A Fool grabs #1 in Billboard Country on July .5th. •1970 MUNGO JERRY’s In The Summertime hits #1 in UK on June 13th. •1981 DOTTIE WEST’s What Are We Doin’ In Love with Kenny Rogers gains #1 in Billboard Country on June 13th. •1994 JOHN BRITTON British Mathematician dies on June 13th. •2007 EMERSON DRIVE’s Moments is its first #1 single in Billboard Country on June 16th.


CHARLOTTE MARIE MIEARS (Houston, TX) Jim Gough Sr., aka “Mr. Texas” Passed Away Today! My heart is saddened tonight because today I lost a dear old friend…Jim Gough Sr. AKA “Mr. Texas”…many of you knew his face and his voice from the many TV commercials he did over the years…Jim was also an actor and appeared in many movies…”Urban Cowboy”…”Places in the heart”…and “JFK” to name just a few…as well as TV shows such as Dallas and Walker Texas Ranger. Jim was also a singer and a musician and was one of the most multi-talented people I’ve ever known…and as uncanny as this may seem…it was exactly “17” years ago today…June 7, 1999 that Jim Gough gave my husbands eulogy at his military memorial…they both grew up together and were the very best of friends and there was no one that I would rather have do the eulogy than Jim Gough and I have to say that he did an absolutely beautiful heartfelt eulogy…and NOW… the two of them are together once again. I’m gonna miss you Jim Gough…thank you for being my friend…until we meet again…”Happy Trails to you”.

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GAIL GOUGH [Mr. Texas-movie actor-voice actor Jim Gough’s wife] (Austin-Liberty Hill, TX) Jim Gough passed away this week on Tuesday, June 7. He had pulmonary fibrosis for the past 6 1/2 years and smothered to death. He was my life. Services June 18, 2 PM, Hyde Park Christian Church, 610 E. 45th, Austin, TX 78751 wife, Gail

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MIKE SHANNON (Dallas-Mesquite, TX) Subject: Jim Gough dead. Jim, did you see this? I know he’s written you many times on JRRR. Here’s a link to the obit, but there’s not much info on there just yet. R.I.P. / (

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LESLIE WAYNE HODGES [ex KRCS DJ] (Lake Livingston, TX) Jim, Jim Gough Passed Away June 7, 2016. Jim, Met Jim while with KNUZ AM 1090 Bellville through his niece. had a place near Rosenberg where we had a good Thanksgiving in 1997. Jim in audio video production, in 2001 moving near Austin. In 2009 hear Jim on Whataburger spots, and more. Jim voiced audio books, was on The Texas State Network in 1993 on Saturday night. Jim Gough is an actor, known for JFK (1991), Places in the Heart (1984) and 8 Seconds (1994). See full bio ( Leslie

TRIVIA ANSWER: Himan Brown using an arsenal of enticing sound effects that scare or amuse the listeners creates popular radio dramas Inner Sanctum, CBS Mystery Theatre, The Adventures of the Thin Man andDick Tracy. On June 4, 2010 Himan Brown dies at 99 in his home in Manhattan.

CHUCK DUNAWAY [ex WABC-770, WKY-930, KILT-610, KLIF-1190] (Houston-Katy, TX) Subject: just ’cause I wanted to see how you are feeling today….I hope you are as happy as i am.. I am always amazed at the items found when you google my name… Rocky said “I used to be somebody”. I have had a great, and wonderful, life thanks to kids, relatives and the most wonderful wife on planet earth…. Chuck

JOHN LEE HOOKER (August 22, 1917 – June 21, 2001) I am a happy man. I’ve had a good life.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

Wyn Machon Tell’s It Like It Is On WHISNews21

WynMachonColumn001Wyn Machon Tell’s It Like It Is On WHISNews21

I know Its A Very Competitive World BUT Somehow There Always Seems To Be A BUT


WynMachon002Well our winter is now going well in New Zealand, only thing is we seem to be having Spring days .. not quiet the temps you would hope for if there was an outdoor concert to go to…but certainly warm for this time of the year.

Ski season started this weekend and the fields are flat out making snow.  Which means there will some great after snow activities when the young ones come down off the slops, no not what you are thinking.  I mean singing and dancing and generally having a good time. At these events you can be sure from out of the wood work will come some wonderful voices not only pop but also the odd wonderful Country voice. It just seems to happen in the most unexpected places.

I just hope there is someone there who will give that young person the encouragement to go the next step, join a club or what ever but to just get out and give your self a chance. I know its a very competitive world BUT and there is always a BUT, you wont know if you don’t back yourself and give this amazing world of music a try.  To all the ones who see these young ones singing, give them your encouragement it may be just the little push they need .. take care.

May the sun always shine on you .. Wyn

Luanne Hunt’s Radio Special on DownSouth Country

RadioWorldDSC004LuanneHuntDownSouth Country To Air RadioWorld’s Luanne Hunt One Hour Radio Special

RadioWorld is Pleased To Announce Down South Country Stereo Airs Within the Hour


listenclickhereAt 12 Noon Nashville [CST] time history will be made again as the first South African Radio station air’s Luanne Hunt’s One hour Radio Special  downloaded from “RadioWorld“.  DownSouth Country Stereo has scheduled “AirplayExpress One Hour Radio Special featuring the Music of ‘Luanne Hunt” for airing at 7pm tonight South African [Central Africa Time, CAT] time for worldwide broadcast. Down South Country Stereo has also agreed to air all these shows at the same time slot every Monday 12 Noon Nashville time [CST] and 7pm South African Tim [CAT].

Edwin Oliphant the station manager and Ricky Schulze the radio compiler together with the station’s owner Raymond Greenberg have also indicted they will accept all radio shows for airplay on Down South Country Stereo that are made available on RadioWorld in the future.  although there are more Radio stations downloading these shows for airplay it’s only NBRN.FM in Nashville and Down South Country Stereo who have confirmed airplay and time slots for airing these shows. RadioWorld thanks these stations for their vision and support of these Independent Artists who are featured on the AirplayExpress One hour Radio Specials brought to you by RadioWorld.

For More Info On Luanne Hunt’s One Hour AirplayExpress Radio Special click Here

DSC Latestheader

June 2016 Schedule Supplied By Down South Country Stereo Is As follows:

Please Note: Mondays 12 Noon Nashville [CST] and 7pm Evening South Africa [CAT]

June 13:  The AirplayExpress One Hour Radio Special Ft Luanne Hunt

June 20:  The AirplayExpress Celebrity Showcase Ft Dave Caley and Alan Jackson [30 min]

June 27:  The AirplayExpress Celebrity Showcase Ft Larry M Clark and Alan Jackson [60 min]


RadioWorld has made a commitment that every radio station that carries one of the Radio Shows on RadioWorld will get a press release 30 minutes before their show airs on their radio station, if RadioWorld was informed of the schedule ahead of time. Links to the radio station will also be provided so that listeners can just click on the link and listen immediately.

Remember if there are DJ’s out there who want their radio shows featured on RadioWorld or Radio Stations who want to download radio shows at RadioWorld please contact us now at We are ready to assist you……or click here for more information Thank You

RadioWorld 2016

Mike Contoni at #1 on AirplayExpress Top 20 Chart

AETop20Week24Header AirplayExpress Top 20 Airplay Chart for Week 24 June 2016

Now Available On WHISNews21 With Mike Contoni At #1



kidstakenashvillNBNTVThis weeks Top 20 see’s Independent Superstar, Singer and Songwriter Mike Contoni at the Top of the AirplayExpress chart for the first time, DSCLOGOwith his own composition now officially a #1 hit ,”Why’d You Go” sitting pretty at #1 on AirplayExpress’s chart for week 24, June 13, 2016.

This weeks really good news for the AirplayExpress Chart show is that radio stations are downloading the radio show and airing on their radio stations worldwide. Unfortunately not all stations are giving us the feedback we need to publish their names but luckily some do. This week the AirplayExpress Chart show will be aired on the following radio stations:

freedomradiologo001The Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network NBRN.FM, Down South Country Stereo 24.7, SAUK Radio and Freedom Radio. There are some other Radio Stations who have also indicated that they will air the show weekly but no confirmations as yet. Now those are only the stations we are aware of, as collectively the Top 20 Radio show has been downloaded dozens of times this week form RadioWorld.

Sauk logoPlease note the songs below are not linked to the downloads as these songs can only be downloaded by AirplayExpress members being Disc Jockey’s, Radio Station, Promoters, Artists, Recording Companies or fans who have permission from their Idols. You are invited go to the AirplayExpress  web site and register as a member and add your profile free for now as the window for that will close June 30th, 2016.   AirplayExpress delivering Your Music Worldwide.

Please that as of July 1, 2016 you will need your password to access AirplayExpress so register now and make sure you have your password  for the day that you will need it.



Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman


Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station For All In Need This Morning

Devotional: Your Blind Spot – Part 4


May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight

Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer. Psalm 19:14


Jesus said when the Holy Spirit came He would convict us of sin, but conviction is not the same as ‘getting caught’. When we get caught doing wrong we feel pain, but it’s not necessarily conviction over sin. Often it’s just embarrassment over how others are thinking about us. If we thought no one would ever know, we wouldn’t be in pain. And conviction isn’t the same thing as fear of punishment. Conviction is when you get a glimpse of what you’re capable of: ‘How did I become the kind of person who can lie, cheat on a test, have an affair, claim credit for what I didn’t do, act in a cowardly way instead of courageously, or use people for my own ends?’ These aren’t questions you’d normally ask yourself. The Bible says, ‘This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light…’ (John 3:19).

When God is at work in your life, the pain isn’t about other people knowing, or even about the consequences. That’s all external. The pain of conviction is internal—it’s over who you are. Unless your car windshield is clean, you run the risk of ending up in a ditch and you can’t clean it yourself while you’re driving—that’s why you have windshield wipers.

Similarly, the Holy Spirit’s job is to reveal sin, let you repent of it, and cleanse you so that you can go where God wants to take you in life. Each day you need to pray, ‘Lord, send as much light as I can stand. Clean off my windshield so I can see more clearly. Cleanse me.’

Prayer Heavenly Father,

Help me to be honest and confess my sins, all of them, to You so that I can change and be clean again

Thank You for Your grace and forgiveness which makes all things new again! In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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