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Branson A High Point In Marvell’s Amazing Career

Buck&James001Breaking Now! The Oklahoma based TV program Gospel Music Today to report on James Marvell’s #1 song “Only Christian Country” soon! Watch the worldwide show just click Here

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Branson A High Point In Marvell’s Amazing Career

Colt Records/AirplayExpress Artist James Marvell Gets Around In The Music Industry

JamesBarnson001He has been blessed to be on the ground floor of many musical trends
. Did you know, Marvell was a member of the late 60s Warner Brothers’ band Mercy who recorded the solid gold classic, “Love Can Make You Happy”?  Historically, Mercy topped Billboard, Cashbox and RecordWorld’s Top 10 with Elvis, Sinatra and the Beatles in 1969. In the early 70s, Marvell and Mercy band member Buddy Good headed to Nashville with a mission to bring good clean country music and anti-drug messages to country fans and it’s youth. James and Buddy formed The Country Cavaleers, a unique MGM duo who turned heads in country music with their long hair half way down their backs but singing pure country music. In 1971 CMA said: “The Cavaleers have scored a First in the world of Country Music.” See Youtube  video –

willie and marvell for video 2The 80s took James Marvell into jewelry designing. He created some of the most collectible turquoise jewelry of that day. He designed  the famous Johnny Cash, June Carter, Bill Monroe and Willie Nelson turquoise collections which were purchased by thousands of country fans worldwide. Marvell then set his sites on Christian Country Gospel Music and Branson Missouri when Willie Nelson opened a door for him in 1992 at his Willie Nelson Ozark Theater. The Johnny Minick Family, a well known gospel group would come to Willie’s Theater to hold their weekly worship and preaching services along with great music. Minick saw Marvell as a very enthusiastic and sincere entertainer who truly cared about the ministry and approached him to be a part of the program.

barbara fairchild ricky skaggs james marvell (4)It had to be the Lord because Marvell immediately caught the vision and promised the Minicks he would do anything possible to help promote the important weekly event. Marvell was led to utilize every opportunity in the theater given to him by Willie and his contacts around Branson to makesure that Minick had a crowd. What started as a weekly gathering of 15 or 20 grew quickly into capacity crowds at Willie’s 1,500 seat Theater. The media caught Marvell’s enthusiasm donating large promotional articles every week about the new Branson Gospel Services.

james marvell 2016Later, Barbara Fairchild joined in and promoted it from the Mel Tillis Theater across town where she performed. The news exploded and the Fire Marshall had to turn folks away because of capacity crowds! The rest is now history concerning those early days of Theater Worship in Branson Missouri.

This was one of the most memorable times in Marvell’s career because of his love for Branson Missouri, it’s people and friends he made there.

Around 2004 James came back to Branson to be a special guest  on The Jim Owen Show. Owen pitched one of his great songs to Marvell titled “I Prayed and I Prayed”. Fellow Branson stars like Randy Plummer, Buck Trent and others cheered Marvell on when the song went to #1 in Country Gospel making it the first #1 hit to ever come out of Branson, Missouri!

See YouTube video of Marvell’s early days in Country Gospel 1991 –

 – Faye Marvell 4 WHISNews21

Pieter Van Zyl Ready To Count Down AE Top20

RadioWorldTop20PieterVanZylPieter Van Zyl Ready To Count Down AirplayExpress Top20

Top 20 Airs for two hours starts 12 Noon CST (Nashville) & 7pm CAT (SA Time) today


PieterVanZyl002At the top of the hour Pieter Van Zyl will be counting down the AirplayExpress Top 20 on Freedom Radio and SAUK Nuus Radio out of South Africa. The show will run for two hours and starts at 12 Noon CST (Nashville) and 7pm CAT (South African) today. Pieter will be the second DJ counting down the AirplayExpress Top 20. As y’all know by now Chrissie Rossouw the first to air the AE Top 20 in South Africa airs her AE Top 20 on Thursdays.

FreedomSauklogo001The Top20 features the current weeks Top 20 most downloaded songs by Disc Jockeys and Radio Stations who are currently members of AirplayExpress.

To tune in to the AirplayExpress Top 20 Chart presented by Pieter Van Zyl on Freedom Radio and SAUK Nuus Radio please click on the radio icon to the right. AirplayExpress thanks all the listeners for supporting the amazingly talented artists featured on the Top20 by tuning in and listening to their music and also thanks Pieter for Corrie Slabbert for arranging the broadcast on both radio stations simultaneously.

– WHISNews21 4 AirplayExpress’s RadioWorld 2016

Billy Ray Cyrus Releases Music Video for “Hey Elvis”

BillyRayHeyElvis001Billy Ray Cyrus Releases Music Video for “Hey Elvis”

The official music video for Billy Ray Cyrus‘ “Hey Elvis” is here!

“Hey Elvis” features Cyrus in what he describes as an, “’Elvis’ Where Art Thou” theme. Cyrus fell in love with the track, written by Bryan Adams and Gretchen Peters, nearly twenty years ago. This gritty rock rendition combines the unique forces of Cyrus, Adams, and the legendary “The Voice Of Rock,” Glenn Hughes. Hughes, who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Deep Purple on April 8th, provided a fresh influence on the song’s latest version.

mgid-uma-video-mtvIn a recent statement about collaborating with Hughes, Cyrus stated,

“He not only solidifies a magic pocket in the groove with his bass, but also injects the voice of rock onto the backend of the song.”

Cyrus is quick to highlight the importance behind his admiration for Elvis’ musical footprint. In 1992, the iconic Johnny Cash sent a letter to Cyrus recognizing the career parallel between Elvis and Cyrus in which he wrote:

JohnnyCash-Forever-single-BGv1“Thirty-six years ago I was working with Elvis and saw him take the same kind of flak you’re taking now. Congratulations on the way you’re handling it all. In your case, as in Elvis’, the good outweighs the bad. Let ’em have it. I’m in your corner.”

To this day, still inspired by Cash’s words, Cyrus prepares to release new material this fall in which “Hey Elvis” will be included.

The tribute to Elvis continues with the launch of “Still The King,” CMT’s new scripted comedy starring Cyrus, debuting Sunday, June 12 at 9pm, ET/PT. Cyrus stars as “Burnin’” Vernon Brown, a one-hit-wonder country artist who emerges decades later as an Elvis impersonator. After a drunken accident into a church sign, Brown is sentenced to perform community service for the church as part of his parole. He pretends to be the congregation’s new minister in attempt to reconnect with a former one-night-stand (Joey Lauren Adams), when he learns he has a 15-year-old daughter (Madison Iseman) he’s never met.

– Posted by Country Girl

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman


Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station For All In Need This Morning

” Where you die, I will die, and there I will be buried  May the Lord deal with me,

be it ever so severely, if anything but death separates you and me.” Ruth l:17  


 Author Ashley Kappel: Ten days after my wedding, my dad died suddenly  and unexpectedly . My Mom and I were forced to shift gears from celebration and joy to grief  and bewilderment.  As we rushed around, welcoming friends and family, arranging the funeral service and pausing for moments of silent tears, we were blessed to be surrounded by children- my six nieces  and nephews, ranging in age from nine months to almost four

Lily , who was almost three at the time, said to her mom as they talked over snacks, “I think Grandpa is up there flying around the world with Jesus.” Surprised, her mom replied, “That’s right, Lily, He is.” Thoughtfully, Lily asked, “Do you think that if I’m really good he will come back to see me?

I remember how often I’d believed that I could make things better because I did something  good or change.  God’s plan by making a bad choice.  I knew that God had something planned for me and, in spite of my grief , I would find out just what it was.  For now, I knew my purpose was to help little hearts understand that their grandfather still loves them just from a little farther away.  And with that, I began to understand a little better myself.

        Lord, remind me every day that You have a plan for my life and that You are with me always, even in times of sadness.  Ashley

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