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Roger Daltrey: Internet Has Stolen The Music Industry

RogerDaltrey001Roger Daltrey The Internet Has Stolen The Music Industry

Who frontman says internet’s stolen the record industry gives musicians no incentive to make new music

The two surviving members of The Who are producing a documentary about the British rock band's turbulant history, an ongoing 40-year saga of death, drugs and timeless tunes. Shown from left to right in this undated handout image, guitarist/songwriter Peter Townshend, deceased drummer Keith Moon, lead singer Roger Daltrey, and deceased bass player John Entwistle. NO SALES REUTERS/HO A DVD documentary called Amazing Journey: The Story of the Who had the cooperation of the two surviving band members. In this undated image (from left): songwriter and guitarist Pete Townshend, drummer Keith Moon (deceased), lead singer Roger Daltrey, and bass player John Entwistle (deceased).

Roger Daltrey says The Who are unlikely to ever release another album because the internet has “stolen” the music industry. The frontman admits he and guitarist Pete Townshend have discussed the possibility of making a follow-up to 2006’s Endless Wire, but as it stands he can’t see it happening.

MTE1ODA0OTcxMjQ1Mjc0NjM3The Who unveiled standalone single Be Lucky in 2014 and at the time, Daltrey hinted that a full album would follow. But he tells Rolling Stone: “We’ve talked about it, but it’s not going to be easy. There’s no record industry anymore. Why would I make a record? “I would have to pay to make a record. There’s no royalties so I can’t see that ever happening. There’s no record business. How do you get the money to make the records? I don’t know. “I’m certainly not going to pay money to give my music away free. I can’t afford to do that. I’ve got other things I could waste the money on.” Asked why the record industry is in the state that it’s in, Daltrey adds: “Well, it’s been stolen. The way the internet has come about has been the biggest robbery in history, like musicians should work for nothing.

Chelsea Flower Show 2012 - Press Day“You get paid for streaming, my ass. There’s no control. Musicians are getting robbed every day. And now it’s creeping into film and television, everything now”

“You notice, the internet is a slowly but surely destructive thing in all ways. I don’t think it’s improved people’s lives. It’s just made them do more work and feel like they’re wanted a bit more, but it’s all bollocks.

roger-daltrey-1940x1293“They feel like they’re wanted because they got 50,000 Facebook likes or whatever, and it’s all bollocks. Look up for a while. Live in the real world.”

In the same interview, Daltrey discusses The Who’s early tours with the Beatles, his admiration for Eddie Vedder and the aims of his Teenage Cancer charity.The Who will play at October’s California mega-festival Desert Trip, along with Paul McCartney, Roger Waters, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and the Rolling Stones. They are also on the bill for the Mad Cool Festival in Spain on June 16 and the Azkena Rock Festival, also in Spain, on June 18. On Saturday, June 11, The Who headline the Isle Of Wight Festival.

– TeamRock

Wyn Machon Tell’s It Like It Is On WHISNews21

WynMachonColumn001Wyn Machon Tell’s It Like It Is On WHISNews21

What Could Make This Day More Perfect Not Much Really Unless You Start Wishing For More Money


WynIconLovely sunny day here in the deep south and it is winter. What could make it more perfect well not much really, unless you start wishing for more money, but one thing I find is people who are close to you, you all know the kind, the ones you have helped get started in the music industry or what ever for that matter. Then you find out you are the subject of much talking behind your back. Don’t it get right up the old left nostril so to speak.

I have come across this many times not only in radio land but all through life, what drives these ever so nice people when you first went out of your way to help them, suddenly to turn on you or someone you know. Did they suddenly get so much better at doing their job or yours for that matter or is it the unseen/unknown fiend whispering in their ear telling them you should be replaced and that they could fill the empty spot.

By the way I am not just talking about my own life’s experiences but have seen this happen to friends on one occasion I was able to very deviously get a new rule written and voted on into the trust deeds and so save a man a lot of heartache after all he had put his heart and sole and I might add thousands of dollars into the radio station that really stuffed the movement against him. (By the hell it made me feel good). What a wonderful world we live in .. take care folks Wyn .

 May the sun always shine on you .. take care folks Wyn

Larry M Clark’s Radio Special on DownSouth Country

RadioWorldLarryMClarkDSC003DownSouth Country To Air RadioWorld’s Larry M Clark One Hour Radio Special

RadioWorld is Pleased To Announce Down South Country Stereo Airs Within the Hour


listenclickhereAt 12 Noon Nashville [CST] time history will be made again as the first South African Radio station air’s Larry M Clark’s One hour Radio Special  downloaded from “RadioWorld“.  DownSouth Country Stereo has scheduled “AirplayExpress One Hour Radio Special featuring the Music of ‘Larry M Claark” for airing at 7pm tonight South African [Central Africa Time, CAT] time for worldwide broadcast. Down South Country Stereo has also agreed to air all these shows at the same time slot every Monday 12 Noon Nashville time [CST] and 7pm South African Tim [CAT].

Edwin Oliphant the station manager and Ricky Schulze the radio compiler together with the station’s owner Raymond Greenberg have also indicted they will consider all radio shows for airplay on Down South Country Stereo that are made available on RadioWorld in the future.  although there are more Radio stations downloading these shows for airplay it’s only NBRN.FM in Nashville and now Down South Country Stereo who have confirmed airplay and time slots for airing these shows. RadioWorld thanks these stations for their vision and support of these Independent Artists who are featured on the AirplayExpress One hour Radio Specials brought to you by RadioWorld.

For More Info On Larry M Clark’s One Hour AirplayExpress Radio Special click Here


May/June 2016 Schedule Supplied By Down South Country Stereo Is As follows:

Please Note: Mondays 12 Noon Nashville [CST] and 7pm Evening South Africa [CAT]

June 06:  The AirplayExpress One Hour Radio Special Ft Larry M Clark

June 13:  The AirplayExpress One Hour Radio Special Ft Luanne Hunt

June 20:  The AirplayExpress 30 Minute Celebrity Showcase Ft Dave Caley

June 27:   The AirplayExpress 60 Minute Celebrity Showcase Ft Larry M. Clark


RadioWorld has made a commitment that every radio station that carries one of the Radio Shows on RadioWorld will get a press release 30 minutes before their show airs on their radio station, if RadioWorld was informed of the schedule ahead of time. Links to the radio station will also be provided so that listeners can just click on the link and listen immediately.

Remember if there are DJ’s out there who want their radio shows featured on RadioWorld or Radio Stations who want to download radio shows at RadioWorld please contact us now at We are ready to assist you……or click here for more information Thank You

RadioWorld 2016

Jim Rose Remembers Radio Monday June 6, 2016


June 6, 2016 [Monday] Issue #1518


THE GREATEST FIGHTS LAST BATTLE In the 1960s, three-time heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali is the most famous person in the world. Ali, who calls himself The Greatest, lives in Phoenix, AZ with his fourth wife, Lonnie, whom he marries in 1986. Ali’s battle with Parkinson’s disease since the 1980s causes increasing difficulty with movement and speech. On Friday, June 3, 2016, 74-year-old boxing legend Muhammad Ali passes away following respiratory complications at a hospital not far from his Arizona home.

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ROCHESTER RADIO’S CAPTAIN CASH MELTS AWAY Orest Hrywnak, a promotions wizard in Rochester, NY radio for three decades first makes his mark as WBBF-1120’s Captain Cash in the 1970s: If you have your WBBF bumper sticker on your car, then Captain Cash might pull you over and give you $95. According to his brother Dr. Sev Hrywnak Orest Hrywnak, who undergoes open heart surgery on February 18, 2016 passes away of a heart attack in his sleep early Thursday morning, June 3, 2016.

RADIO LEGEND HAS A SET BACK On Thursday afternoon, June 2, 2016 the Prairie Home Companion host Garrison Keillor reveals on his social page that he suffers a nocturnal brain seizure over the weekend. According to his publicist, David O’Neill, Keillor receives treatment in Washington D.C. before he does his radio shows this past Friday and Saturday. Keillor says that he flies to the Mayo Clinic for further testing:Saw an MRI image of my skull with a black hole where a previous stroke struck.

HORRID DRUG OVERDOSES AT TAMPA MUSIC FEST According to reports from The Daily Mail and AP, among the 50,000 people who attend the EDM event at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, FL, Katie Bermudez, 21, from Kissimmee, and father-of-one Alex Haynes, 22, from Melbourne, die from likely overdoses of an undetermined drug at the Sunset Music Festival. In fact, two people die, 30 arrested and 57 others are in the hospital for drug overdoses at the Florida music festival.

TRIVIA QUESTION: When does the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act ban the advertising of cigarettes on television and radio? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Connell Miller, Joe Nick Patoski and John Davis June 6th. Ernie Phillips June 8, 2016.•TROY CHRISTENSEN weekend morning weather anchor on WLS TV ABC CH 7 since October 2013 exits to join FEMA in a full-time strategic communications role in Chicago, IL. •THE LOS ANGELES DODGERS and iHeartMedia announce in November 2014 that the franchise takes an equity stake in Sports KLAC-570 Los Angeles, CA. The deal finally reaches the FCC.


•1955 DANA CARVEY comedian SNL, Wayne’s World born on June 6th in Missoula, MT. ‎•1963 BUCK OWENS’Act Naturally is his first #1 single in Billboard Country on June 15th. •1971 ED SULLIVAN SHOW final broadcast on CBS TV on June 6th. •1981 BARBARA MANDRELL records her album Barbara Mandrell Live on June 7th at the Roy Acuff Theatre. •1990 2ND INTERNATIONAL ROCK Awards on June 6th. •2008 BRAD PAISLEY’s single Waitin’ On A Woman releases to radio on June 9th on Arista records.


DAVE MICHAELS [WSAI-1360/KONO-860/KBUC FM] (Dayton-Huber Heights, OH) Subject: JIM – was on the Radio this TGIF. Talked to a guy in “SugarLand, Texas ” …have you heard of it? Told me it’s raining there and they too have a lot of people out of work – but it’s still doing better than Ohio on the Job Scene! He said he was close to Houston! I told him about your Fine Radio Report … he’s coming over your house for lunch with you & Suzie! Dave in Huber Heights 73’s

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DANNY MACK MCWILLIAMS [GM KRNH FM Country (The Ranch 92.3)] (Kerrville, TX) Subject: Sad day. Thanks for sharing and keeping us informed. I would have never known of Mike’s passing if it had not been for your newsletter.

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STEVE EBERHARY [Eberhart Broadcasting] (Dallas, TX) Hey jim- News from North Texas! My station KGAF AM 1580 has an upgrade. KGAF began as a 250 watt daytimer in 1947. In 1985, the FCC approved a directional nighttime pattern. This Spring we were given a CP for 1200 watts non directional day and 275 watts non directional night. Big improvement for us and the station can now be heard daytime to Dallas/Ft. Worth to the south, Pauls Valley OK to the north, almost Paris TX to the east and close to Wichita Falls to the west. Much improved through Sherman/Denison/Durant, Denton and McKinney. Get our app to listen free in the app store or google play store, search for “KGAF”. Steve eberhart

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JAY WALKER [CBS Radio Dallas/KJKK FM/Infinity KTSA-550/KTFM FM/Own Jay Walker Prod/Jay Walker Competitive Audio consultant 40 Plus Years In Radio] (Dallas-McKinney, TX) Subject: Radio Revolution. Jim It never takes long for the ‘Big Guys’ to figure out how to take from ‘the little guys’. Back in the early days of Internet radio I had three ‘stations’ Rock, Classic Country, and oldies on ‘Live 365’. I never made a dime. I did it for the joy of broadcasting. Then along comes the RIAA’s draconian royalty fees which are much higher for internet broadcasters, than ‘on-air’ for profit radio stations and if you didn’t pay, you’re served a lawsuit, which can extort thousands of dollars out of your pocket just because you wanted to play radio for the fun of it. Similar thing with LPFM, it was setup for community stations, but most that made the cut are either religion or the allocations are bumped for new translators for failing AM stations. As a result ‘the little guys’ are left in the cold again. My best to you as always. Jay Walker

TRIVIA ANSWER: On June 1, 1969 the Canadian Senate bans Tobacco advertising on Radio and TV stations. On January 2, 1971 President Richard Nixon officially signs the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act that bans the advertising of cigarettes on television and radio in the U.S.

BILL CHERRY [Realtor, In late 1950s Music ’til Dawn host on WWL-870] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Jim Rose Remembers Radio May 13, 2016 [Friday] Issue #1511. By the way you’ll remember he went by Mad Man Munz, and his slogan was “I’d give them away but my wife won’t let me…she’s crazy.” Bill

OSCAR WILDE (1854-1900) A poet can survive everything but a misprint.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman


Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station For All In Need This Morning

Your Blind Spot – Part 1

But who can discern their own errors? Forgive my hidden faults. Psalm 19:12Jesus019

There are parts of yourself you’ll never see without God’s help. In one sense, you know yourself better than anyone else does. You alone have access to your inner thoughts, feelings and judgments. In another sense, you know yourself worse than anyone else does. Why? Because we rationalize, justify, minimize, forget, and embellish—and we don’t even know we’re doing it. We all fall for the self-serving bias. We claim too much credit and accept too little blame. We pay attention to experts who agree with our opinions, while ignoring or discounting all evidence to the contrary. Our memories are not simply faulty, they’re faulty in favor of our ego. The book Ergonomics cites a survey in which 83 per cent of people were confident in their ability to make good decisions, but only 27 per cent were confident in the ability of the people they worked closely with to make good decisions. We’re stunned when someone sees past our defenses into our souls. It’s not that they’re geniuses, it’s just that we’re sitting in our own blind spot and without the work of the Holy Spirit within us, much of the time we can’t even see our sin. The Psalmist wrote: ‘How can I know all the sins lurking in my heart? Cleanse me from these hidden faults. Keep your servant from deliberate sins! Don’t let them control me. Then I will be free of guilt and innocent of great sin. May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing to you, O Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer’ (vv. 12-14). That’s a prayer you should pray—every day.

Prayer Heavenly Father,

help me to listen to You and others You put in my path who are there to help me see my blind spots.

Help me then to do what needs to be done to adjust to them. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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