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Radicals At Trump Rally Rain Violence on Attendees


TrumpHaters001MSNBC correspondent Jacob Rascon painted a picture of what awaited Trump supporters outside of the rally: Here a woman who engaged anti-Trump protesters was pelted with eggs. Protesters tried to jump the barricade. Here they are assaulting police officers, while a Mexican flag waves in the background:

The constant here is an environment of total anarchy, and a police force that was either indifferent or overwhelmed. In fact, several mainstream news sources suggested it was the former.

anti-trumper2So far, it seems like no one was seriously injured. But this is only the beginning. And as many pointed out, it may actually end up helping Trump

When asked to respond to the unspeakable violent atmosphere at the event, San Jose’s Mayor, a Hillary Clinton supporter, BLAMED TRUMP:

TrumpHatersThe mayor, a Democrat and Hillary Clinton supporter, criticized Trump for coming to cities and igniting problems that local police departments had to deal with.


TrumpSupporters“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” Liccardo said.
The presumptive GOP nominee spoke for about 50 minutes at the rally, sniping at Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and calling her speech on foreign policy earlier in the day “pathetic” and “sad to watch.”

It seems that the liberal left are absolutely desperate to get rid of Trump, no matter at what cost, however when looking at the footage and pictures it is clear it is really the Obama food stamp people causing all the violence too afraid of loosing their free stuff which includes cellphones. – Extra Comment

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Nashville Radio On Down South Country Tonight

headerNashville Radio On Down South Country Today

Due To Different Time Zones It is Hard To Believe They Air Both Morning & Evening (lol)


KeithBradfordYaGottaLuvItIconThat’s right starting at 12 noon CST [Nashville Time] and 7pm CAT [South African Time] you can tune into Down South Country Stereo and listen ‘The Ya Gotta Luv It Show” presented by Keith Bradford and “The Let ‘er Rip Show’ presented by Mike Bradford. These shows are brought to you by AirplayExpress’s Radio World.

MikeBradfordRadioIconDownSouth Country Stereo is a proud member of AirplayExpress RadioWorld. We thank Ricky Schulze  their music compiler for scheduling these shows on Friday’s. ‘Ya Gotta Luv It” and “Let ‘er Rip” will debut today for the first time ever in South Africa. Down South Country Stereo Radio Station Manager is Edwin Oliphant and is owned by Raymond Greenberg formerly of UitSaaiNes Live.

listenclickhereTo tune into these fine shows on Down South Country Stereo all you need to do is click on the Radio Button to the left at 12 noon if you are in Nashville and if you are in South Africa at 7pm this evening and you will be able to enjoy the first ever broadcast of these shows in South Africa.

If you a radio station and want to download radio shows for your stations lineup you can register at AirplayExpress right now. Free registration is still open till June 30, 2016

– WHISNews21

Jim Rose Remembers Radio Friday June 03, 2016


June 03, 2016 [Friday] Issue #1517


VIN SCULLY CALLS HIS LAST BASEBALL GAME In 1950, Vin Scully lands a broadcasting job with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Scully’s journey takes him from Ebbets Field to the Los Angeles Coliseum and to Dodger Stadium, where he delivers Dodger baseball to generations of fans. During 88-year-old Vin Scully’s recent visit to SoCal’s Anaheim Stadium to call the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. L.A. Angels game, Angels’ Spanish-language voice Amaury Pi-Gonzales takes a souvenir photo of the legendary voice of the Dodgers on his final game.

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WHAT IS NEXT FOR DAN MCNEIL? Dan McNeil [Mac] is a Chicago. IL radio mainstay for almost 30 years. In early March 2015 Chicago radio veterans Dan McNeil and Pete McMurray sign up to co-host mornings 5:30am – 9am on Classic Hits WDRV FM (97.1). On Thursday, May 12, 2016 his bosses tell him not to talk about Greg Solk on his show. McNeil has an intense flare-up at program director Rob Cressman. McNeil returns to the morning show on Monday, but he is no longer co-host. He only delivers periodic sports updates.

NEW TRIBUNE HONCHO LIVES LIKE A KING According to a new filing by the Tribune Publishing Board of Directors to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) new Tribune Publishing CEO Justin Dearborn relocates from Chicago to Los Angeles. Dearborn receives $262,000 in moving expenses, as well as temporary housing and a rental car for up to four months, courtesy of Tribune Publishing. In February 2016, Dearborn’s friend and business partner Chairman Michael Ferro appoints him CEO of Tribune Publishing.

THEIF STEALS 10 GIBSON GUITARS The Tennessean reports that Metro police investigate an overnight break-in at Gibson Custom Guitars. At 4:06 am, Officers respond to a report of a burglary at 1612 Elm Hill Pike, just east of Spence Lane, Nashville, TN. Hermitage Precinct detectives say that a man cuts through a fence at the back of the property and then forces his way into the building and steals 10 guitars. Anyone with information please contact police 615-862-6993 or Crime Stoppers 615-742-7463.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What is the first song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney to appear on the American record charts? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mary [Sam] Stoddard First Female DJ in Dallas, TX Radio adds one more year on Friday, June 3, 2016. •RODGER WYLAND Albany, NY Sports Talk host leapfrogs from iHeartMedia WOFX-980 across the pond to Townsquare ESPN WTMM FM (104.5 The Team) on July 5, 2016. •ANTHONY [Roach] PROFFITTAPD/MD of Sun Broadcasting Active Rock WXNX FM (93X) Ft. Myers-Naples, FL ties the knot to the lovely Jeannine Fowler on Sunday, May 22, 2016.


•1957 HOWARD COSELL’s 1st TV show is on June 3rd. •1968 JAMIE O’NEAL Academy of Country Music’s Top New Female award winner is born on June 3rd in Sydney, Australia. •1976 QUEEN’s Bohemian Rhapsodygoes Gold on June 3rd. •1989 REBA MCENTIRE marries Blackstock manager Narvel on June 3rd in Lake Tahoe, where McEntire performs at Caesar’s. •1994 WIIZ FM (98.7) goes off the air on June 3rd. •2009 GEORGE STRAIT’s album Troubadour certifies Platinum on June 3rd.


JACK PARNELL [ex WHBQ-560 PD/DJ] (Memphis, TN) Subject: TRHoF. Thanks Jim. We’re looking forward to a week from this coming Saturday. Tennessee group is coming up on the 5th anniversary, and it’s great being a part of it. Jack Parnell-former WHBQ morning man/PD from way back in the 50s & 60s.

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ROBERT MILLER [University of East Michigan professor] (Plymouth, MI) Jim, Shoot me the name and number of the vet that’s working on Suzie. I’ll put some money in. Can’t stand to see animals suffer. Bob Miller; Plymouth, Michigan

JOHN WALTON [Walton & Johnson Show] (Houston, TX) Subject: Suzie tooth. Send a mail address…I would like to chip in. I have dogs. When I travel to Breckenridge to my house there, I pull a travel trailer for 17 hours each way because no hotel lets you stay with 5 dogs. I don’t travel without them for any length of time. Someone once asked Will Rogers if he thought dogs go to heaven… “If there are no dogs in heaven…I want to go where they go”. John Walton — Excel Media; Free FM; Walton & Johnson

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DANNY MACK MCWILLIAMS [GM KRNH FM Country (The Ranch 92.3)] (Kerrville, TX) Subject: Sad day. Jim, Just read about Mike Lawrence passing away. I am shocked and saddened by this news. My partner, Angel, and I upon Mike’s and Dana’s departure followed this beloved radio duo into the KGEE 100 morning slot. He and Dana had set a high bar, and we had to work very hard to achieve what success we had. While in the Permian Basin, I had the chance to get to know Mike, when he and Dana took the reins of the KICKS morning show, and while reading the news of his passing a couple of things came to mind. I would have to say he was not only a great radio personality but a good man to boot. He was a tough competitor with a very good heart. He always treated me well, while competitors and beyond. He even offered to help me a few years later when I was out of work, suggesting I return to the Basin. It is folks like Mike who helped make the radio years so memorable. My thoughts and prayers are with Dana and their family. “Danny Mack” McWilliams

TRIVIA ANSWER: On May 29, 1963 Del Shannon’s cover of the Beatles’ From Me to You is the first song written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney to appear on the American record charts.

BILL CHERRY [Realtor, In late 1950s Music ’til Dawn host on WWL-870] (Dallas, TX) Jim, That’s troubling. What broadcasting teaches that is the most important is confidence and how to alleviate stage fright — from times when you enter a room full of people at a cocktail party, to your job interview, to speaking before an audience. I have virtually no stage fright. It sole foundation is from my radio days beginning when I was 14. I couldn’t have been nearly as successful had I had to look at people rather than just a mike when I first started. Since then, I have spoken before audiences for years, I have played the piano as a professional for more than 50 years, and on and on. What Parkland College is doing is ignoring that teaching and letting students practice preparing and speaking before audiences is what it’s all about. Who cares how many people are listening to the station? The college needs to re-evaluate that idea. I’m planning to write them and say so. Regards…hope Suzie gets well soon, Bill Cherry

BILLY JOEL (May 9, 1949 – p) Sing us a song, you’re the piano man Sing us a song tonight .

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman


Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station For All In Need This Morning

Soul Celebration -Scripture Reading: Luke 5:33-39


John’s disciples often fast and pray, and so do the disciples of the Pharisees,

but yours go on eating and drinking

John the Baptist’s disciples and the disciples of the Pharisees followed ironclad traditions of fasting and praying as signs of closeness to God. When they fasted, they made sure there was no joy associated with it. When they prayed in public, their faces were somber and serious. Holiness, in their minds, was not something to enjoy but to measure a disciple’s devotion to God, often in comparison to others.

But Jesus and his disciples were different. By not overemphasizing fasting and prayer, Jesus crossed a theological line that was taboo for most rabbis. Instead of merely following tradition, Jesus challenged the status quo. His opponents concluded he was out of line.

Jesus used wedding celebrations to illustrate his point. Weddings were about celebration, laughter, food, and dancing—joy and happiness for the bride and bridegroom.

Jesus changed the focus from fasting and praying as ends in themselves to the means of entering into the joy of the Lord, who celebrates life with us all. When traditions are drained of purpose, they become mere rituals. John’s disciples and the Pharisees missed the joy of the Lord hidden in plain sight. We have a reason to celebrate with joy! We have the marvelous Savior, who desires life “to the full” for all his followers(John 10:10).

Jesus, help me to use spiritual disciplines only to increase my joy in you

and with others, not to compare or judge.

May I cele­brate your goodness and grace every day. Amen.

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