25% of Cigarettes Sold on the Black Market in S.Africa

CigaretteGraveyardSA warned of tax knock, job losses on new smoking laws

A quarter of all cigarettes currently sold in South Africa are on the black market

JS78911251Is there some new world order promoting Illegal trade and increasing the crime levels worldwide in order to bring more chaos to this already fragile world of ours. Will there be a new Al Capone selling illegal cigarettes worldwide making is own price and paying off authorities to look the other way or else. Well that is probably going to happen as  the laws are changed to stop people from smoking and buying cigarettes legally.

00300836-562141ebcd2c96ad3bfca04eeedef005-arc614x376-w614-us1South Africa’s plans to tighten the anti-smoking laws will ignite the illicit trade in cigarettes, thereby removing billions of rands of tax revenue and threatening jobs, British American Tobacco (BAT) warned on Wednesday.

Now I don’t smoke and have never so it’s not really my problem, however it will become mine as criminals will now be lurking around every dark corner selling my family and your family cigarettes illegally. This law when finally implemented as it seems to be coming will make criminals out of good decent people who’s only problem in life is that they smoke like some eat and some drink.

I00001cm.xe4KQ50The biggest change would see plain packaging on cigarette products in an effort to drive down the incentive for people to smoke. All cigarettes must be in one brown package with graphics

“A report conducted in Australia after it implemented these rules revealed a significant increase in the illegal trade of cigarettes. South Africa already has a problem with this criminal activity and the plans to have plain packaging will only increase the criminal activity.” – Will Hill (BAT) explained.

ciggiesBAT said research indicates that up to 600 billion cigarettes a year are illegal – smuggled, counterfeit or tax-evaded in other ways. That’s up to 12% of world consumption.

The fact is, smoking is as bad for you as it is for me, seeing a man going into a rest room where my wife and daughter have just gone in, that’s also extremely bad for my health. Yet most people are forced to accept that, so I suppose some people will have to accept soon that they cannot smoke anymore.

illegal-cigarettes1One thing is for sure the people dreaming about a smoke free world will not get it right by forcing their will upon their family and friends. It will ultimately make criminals out of a large percentage of them, which will include their Mothers, Fathers, Children and family.

342824812c4d70aee822ec9f566fb99d_f1940I for one am happy that smoking is banned in many public places but I don’t agree that smokers cannot buy their cigarettes where they want to legally. Besides there are so many other problems in this world why pick on cigarettes, unless this is just another step closer to the chaos the Bible, which so many hate, has predicted in the final days?

– The above is a combination of news found on google for your deletion or consumption on this day (lol)



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