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25% of Cigarettes Sold on the Black Market in S.Africa

CigaretteGraveyardSA warned of tax knock, job losses on new smoking laws

A quarter of all cigarettes currently sold in South Africa are on the black market

JS78911251Is there some new world order promoting Illegal trade and increasing the crime levels worldwide in order to bring more chaos to this already fragile world of ours. Will there be a new Al Capone selling illegal cigarettes worldwide making is own price and paying off authorities to look the other way or else. Well that is probably going to happen as  the laws are changed to stop people from smoking and buying cigarettes legally.

00300836-562141ebcd2c96ad3bfca04eeedef005-arc614x376-w614-us1South Africa’s plans to tighten the anti-smoking laws will ignite the illicit trade in cigarettes, thereby removing billions of rands of tax revenue and threatening jobs, British American Tobacco (BAT) warned on Wednesday.

Now I don’t smoke and have never so it’s not really my problem, however it will become mine as criminals will now be lurking around every dark corner selling my family and your family cigarettes illegally. This law when finally implemented as it seems to be coming will make criminals out of good decent people who’s only problem in life is that they smoke like some eat and some drink.

I00001cm.xe4KQ50The biggest change would see plain packaging on cigarette products in an effort to drive down the incentive for people to smoke. All cigarettes must be in one brown package with graphics

“A report conducted in Australia after it implemented these rules revealed a significant increase in the illegal trade of cigarettes. South Africa already has a problem with this criminal activity and the plans to have plain packaging will only increase the criminal activity.” – Will Hill (BAT) explained.

ciggiesBAT said research indicates that up to 600 billion cigarettes a year are illegal – smuggled, counterfeit or tax-evaded in other ways. That’s up to 12% of world consumption.

The fact is, smoking is as bad for you as it is for me, seeing a man going into a rest room where my wife and daughter have just gone in, that’s also extremely bad for my health. Yet most people are forced to accept that, so I suppose some people will have to accept soon that they cannot smoke anymore.

illegal-cigarettes1One thing is for sure the people dreaming about a smoke free world will not get it right by forcing their will upon their family and friends. It will ultimately make criminals out of a large percentage of them, which will include their Mothers, Fathers, Children and family.

342824812c4d70aee822ec9f566fb99d_f1940I for one am happy that smoking is banned in many public places but I don’t agree that smokers cannot buy their cigarettes where they want to legally. Besides there are so many other problems in this world why pick on cigarettes, unless this is just another step closer to the chaos the Bible, which so many hate, has predicted in the final days?

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Tune In Now Not To Miss Chrissie Rossouw AE Top20

downsouthChrissieTop20aAirplayExpress Top 20 With Chrissie Rossouw Week 22 Airs Within The Hour


listenclickhereBe part of history as you tune into AirplayExpress’s Top 20 Week 22 radio show as presented by Chrissie Rossouw on Down South Country Stereo Today 12 Noon [CST] Nashville Time and 7PM [CAT] South African time. Yes Chrissie will be counting down this weeks exciting Top 20 as it finds its way across the world on the Internet today.

Top20ChrissieIcon300The really good news is that Down South Country Stereo has given the Top 20 a permanent time slot on Thursdays at 12 noon [CST] 7pm[CAT]. There are more stations coming onboard and NBRN.FM Nashville, SAUK Radio and Freedom Radio South Africa has also given AirplayExpress a fixed time slot for the AirplayExpress Top 20 chart. It is also to be noted that Down South Country has and is currently also airing other AirplayExpress’s Radioworld shows available to radio stations worldwide on their radio network, the AirplayExpress One Hour Special’s, The Music City Ghost Show, the Ya Gotta Luv It, Let ‘er Rip and The Vault radiio shows.


Chrissie Rossouw is an Independent freelance DJ out of South Africa and will run down the AirplayExpress Top 20 every week in line with AirplayExpress efforts to promote the Artists on AirplayExpress. This chart features only the songs downloaded for the week on AirplayExpress by professional people in the Music, Film and Television Industry including the lifeline of AirplayExpress, the Radio Stations, Disc Jockeys, Music Promoters and Producers. The show will be available every week on a Monday at AirplayExpress’s RadioWorld for download by Radio Stations for airing on their radio stations and worldwide networks.

If you are a radio station somewhere on this planet please let us know that you are airing the shows downloaded from AirplayExpress’s RadioWorld so that we can give you exposure you deserve for your support by publishing your broadcast times. To offer your shows on Down South Country Stereo they need to be featured on AirplayExpress RadioWorld download pages. Down South Country Stereo is a proud member of AirplayExpress’s RadioWorld family.


– WHISNews21

CMT Music Awards New Category #SocialSuperstar

CmtSocialSuperstarCMT Music Awards Announces New Category #SocialSuperstar

In recognition of country artists continuous and innovative creativity in engaging fans through social media, CMT today announced a brand new category and nominations for the “2016 CMT Music Awards,” the #SocialSuperstar category. The award honors artists who are pioneering social media as a tool to regularly interact with fans through a multitude of platforms and apps.

CMT-500x281The nominees for the inaugural award are Brett Eldredge, Blake Shelton, Jake Owen, Kelsea Ballerini, Lindsay Ell and Thomas Rhett. Nominees Blake Shelton and Thomas Rhett are now tied for the most nominations with Carrie Underwood, Cam and Chris Stapleton, with three each. Winners will be revealed in the live show premiering Wednesday, June 8th at 8pm ET/PT from Nashville. Fans can vote via Twitter and Instagram using the hashtags #CMTawards and an artist specific tag. Voting will continue to be open during the live show on June 8th. Fans are encouraged to post with #CMTawards plus the hashtag for their favorite artists: #VoteBlake, #VoteBrett, #VoteJake, #VoteKelsea, #VoteLindsay and #VoteThomas.

Co-hosted for the second year by Erin Andrews and joined by football superstar J.J. Watt, country’s biggest stars are slated to perform including Blake Shelton, Cam, Brett Eldredge, Cam, Chris Stapleton, Fifth Harmony, Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Maren Morris, Thomas Rhett and more to be announced.

– Posted by TawnyTucker CMTT

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman


Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station For All In Need This Morning

Failure and Success

I answered them by saying, “The God of heaven will give us success. We his servants will start rebuilding, but as for you, you have no share in Jerusalem or any claim or historic right to it.” Nehemiah 2:20


To turn your failures into successes you need to do two things: 1) Realize that God wants you to succeed because you’re His child. When you think about it, what good and loving parent wouldn’t? In the face of overwhelming obstacles and enemy threats, Nehemiah announced, ‘…The God of heaven will give us success…’and God did! 2) Realize that failure is a teaching tool. The greater the failure, the greater the opportunity to learn from it. But first you must acknowledge the teaching potential in your mistakes and commit to learning, growing and changing as a result. Thomas Edison said, ‘I’m not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward.’ At twenty-one years old he set up his laboratory in Menlo Park, New Jersey and became a full-time inventor. At any given time, he and his team were working on as many as forty different projects and they applied for more than four hundred patents a year. Edison’s feverish work schedule and productivity caused the local citizens to dub him ‘The Wizard of Menlo Park’. But he wasn’t always successful. The fact is, he struggled with many of his inventions but despite embarrassing failure after embarrassing failure, he refused to give up. Often ridiculed for his perseverance, he engaged in some ten thousand experiments before finally inventing the incandescent light bulb in 1879. Concerning his checkered work history, he said, ‘I haven’t failed. I’ve found ten thousand ways that don’t work.’ Stop labelling your failures as negative. There are very few real failures in life—only options. Some options work, others don’t. The truth is, with God on your side you’ll win if you persist!

Prayer Heavenly Father,

Help me persist and learn from my failures and keep growing and succeeding.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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