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Rose Angelica at #1 on AirplayExpress Top 20 Chart

AETop20Week22Header AirplayExpress May’s Top 20 Airplay Download Chart Week 22

Now Available On WHISNews21 With Rose Angelica At #1


kidstakenashvillNBNTVThis weeks Top 20 sees Independent Superstar Singer Songwriter Rose Angelica at the Top of the AirplayExpress chart  for the very first time ever, DSCLOGOwith her #1 hit and girls party anthem,”Girls Just Wanna Drink Beer’ sitting pretty at #1 for week 22, May 30, 2016.

This weeks really good news for the AirplayExpress Chart show is that radio stations are downloading the radio show and airing on their radio stations worldwide. Unfortunately not all stations are giving us the feedback we need to publish their names but luckily some do. This week the AirplayExpress Chart show will be aired on the following radio stations:

freedomradiologo001The Nashville Broadcasting Radio Network NBRN.FM, Down South Country Stereo 24.7, SAUK Radio and Freedom Radio. Next week Perron 94.1 FM has also indicated that they will air the show weekly. Now those are only the stations we are aware of, as collectively the Top 20 Radio show has been downloaded over 50 times this week form RadioWorld.

Sauk logoPlease note the songs below are not linked to the downloads as these songs can only be downloaded by AirplayExpress members being Disc Jockey’s, Radio Station, Promoters, Artists, Recording Companies or fans who have permission from their Idols. You are invited go to the AirplayExpress  web site and register as a member and add your profile free for now as the window for that will close June 30th, 2016. AirplayExpress delivering Your Music Worldwide.



Carrie Underwood Covers Us Weekly’s Best Bodies

USWeekluCarrieUnderwoodCarrie Underwood Covers Us Weekly’s Best Bodies Issue

Carrie Underwood looks stunning on the cover of US Weekly‘s Best Body Issue. Inside, the singer gives away the secrets to her strong body and stunning legs. “I like squats, lunges,” she tells Us. “If I go for a jog and I meet up with a good hill, I will lunge up the hill and that will burn them out.” The singer is a mom to son Isaiah, who’s just 14 months old, and knows she’s in the best shape of her life. “I feel much better now at 33 than I did when I was 20 because I take better care of myself.” The issue is on stands now!

– Posted by TawnyTucker CMTT

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman


Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station For All In Need This Morning

Staying When You Feel Like Leaving – Part 1

Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:9


Not every relationship can be saved. When physical, mental or emotional abuse threatens your child’s safety, or your own, you may be forced to leave. Failing to do so could lead to tragedy, but where a workable resolution can be found, a troubled relationship can become a source of shared joy and full filment. Here are some keys to make staying worthwhile: Adopt God’s perspective on sin—yours and your spouse’s.

One of the major problems is the way we classify sin—especially our spouse’s. You’re understandably overwrought and anxious because they’re incorrigible and selfish. They’re the willful sinner—you’re the offended saint. They need a major overhaul, and you’re responsible to see they get it. Things like being critical, nagging and controlling seem like small things compared to a spouse who swears, drinks and visits porn sites. From God’s perspective, sin is sin—yours and theirs! It’s all harmful to relationships. Stop ‘classifying’ sin and try to discover the relationship-transforming power of handling the situation the way Jesus taught. ‘How can you say to your brother, “Let me take the speck out of your eye,” when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye’ (Matthew 7:4-5). You’ll be amazed at how God will cause your spouse to acknowledge and deal with ‘their’ problem when you get honest and deal with ‘yours’!Prayer

Heavenly Father,

help me see that sin is sin and to look at my life first and deal with my “sin” issues.

Help me Father, in Jesus’ Name, Amen

Dont Be So Naive Kerry Kennedy Or Are You Blind?

KerryKennedy001Don’t Be So Naive Kerry Kennedy or Are You Blind?

‘There’s no country on Earth better known for overcoming hate than South Africa’ – Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter

Why Are You Not Saying Anything About The 100,000 White Children,

Woman and Men Murdered by Blacks in South Africa, do you call that forgiveness?

After reading the article below in a South African newspaper I can only believe that Kerry Kennedy is happy that whites are murdered like flies in South Africa her absolute ignorance and disregard to this as a human rights activist can only bring me to the conclusion that she is blinded by her hatred for white South Africans.


Kerry Kennedy daughter of Robert F. Kennedy and president of RFK Human Rights is in South Africa to commemorate her father’s historic visit country in 1966.

Each cross represents a white murder in South Africa

Each cross represents a white murder in South Africa

Kerry‚ who is in the country until Saturday‚ is participating in a series of events arranged by U.S. Embassy‚ Pretoria and the U.S. Consulates General in Johannesburg‚ Durban‚ and Cape Town.

She is joined by representatives from the Kennedy family‚ RFK Human Rights‚ the Faith and Justice Institute‚ and a delegation from the U.S. Congress‚ led by Senator Christopher Coons (D-DE).

Speaking at the opening event for the series‚ a panel presentation hosted by Wits University on Monday‚ entitled “Ripples of Hope: Robert F. Kennedy’s Historic 1966 Visit to South Africa – Its Significance Then and Now‚” Kerry said‚ “My father came to South Africa in 1966 to listen and to learn. We are here today‚ 50 years later‚ to listen and learn also”.

Farmers Child Murdered

Farmers Child Murdered

“We look forward to learning the lessons South Africa has for our country and for the rest of the world. It’s hard to think of a country that has endured more pain and suffering than South Africa‚ but as a human rights activist‚ I have tremendous optimism about the present and the future.”

She said South Africa is in an unique position at the moment‚ as the greatest challenge across the world is hate and there is no country on Earth better known for overcoming hate than South Africa.

If White Farmers were Rhino's they would have a much better chance of survival.

If White Farmers were Rhino’s they would have a much better chance of survival.

Former president Kgalema Mothlanthe was also at the event.

He said RFK had made a passionate call to action that was “very important at that time” and it was important to understand history because it provided context.

When RFK came to visit South Africa‚ he met with Chief Albert Luthuli.

Commemorative events will continue throughout the week across the country.

The delegation will travel to KwaZulu-Natal‚ where they will visit the Luthuli museum and attend a public screening of the documentary “RFK in the Land of Apartheid: A Ripple of Hope”.

In Gauteng‚ they will participate at a roundtable discussion at Liliesleaf Farm with senior anti-apartheid struggle veterans‚ before traveling to Cape Town for a keynote address by Kerry Kennedy at the University of Cape Town.

RFK served as a Senator for New York from 1965 until his assassination in 1968.

– TimesLive

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