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Wyn Machon Tell’s It Like It Is On WHISNews21

WynMachonColumn001Wyn Machon Tell’s It Like It Is On WHISNews21

Gosh time flies it’s time for another little article to see if I can stir up some controversy


WynMachon002Last week I received an mp3 song, you know the usual hype from a promoter, who for sure had never previewed the song before sending out to who knows how many radio stations. I thought OK lets have a wee listen, well the start was OK then the singer ran out or rhythm and nothing rhymed so he reverted to a kind of spoken word until he got back on track, to be honest that’s the best way I can describe it.

How can a singer tout that to a promoter and expect him/her to be honest to DJ’s or does he/she just take the money and not give a damn knowing if he/she sends to five hundred radio stations some are going to play it and report it as being played. The said promoter then reports back to the singer and writer saying it went well, yeah right.

Many years ago I got hounded by a singer saying how his material was being played on umpteen radio stations, well I listened to a lot of his stuff, none of it improved. After many letters back and forth I told him he couldn’t sing. My name is now a naughty word in his vocabulary. The funny thing is I get emails from other DJ’s asking about my dealings with him, so I just tell them my opinion. For some reason I always get back mail agreeing with me.

I think a lot of singers and promoters should take a long hard look at the harm they are doing to Country music sending out rubbish ..

May all your days be sunny ones .. Wyn


2 thoughts on “Wyn Machon Tell’s It Like It Is On WHISNews21

  1. Wyn, Always tells it like it is. He knows talent when he hears it.


    Posted by Ann J Morton | May 24, 2016, 1:33 pm
  2. Hi Wyn you did the right thing I have been around many entertainers like that They never want, to hear the real truth so they will always sound bad.


    Posted by Dave Caley | May 9, 2016, 12:24 pm

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