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Steven Tyler: Trump Dont Use My Songs for Campaign

StevnTylerInDragSteven Tyler To Donald Trump Don’t Use My Songs For Your Presidential Campaign

The billionaire businessman running for the US presidency, Donald Trump is currently campaigning and uses the song “Dream On” by Aerosmith during its meetings. Now this is not to the liking of Steven Tyler, (pictured above in drag) frontman of Aerosmith who through his lawyer, requested the Republican candidate not to utilise this title. His lawyer says nonetheless that it is neither political nor personal.

It seems from his actions its clear that Tyler does not agree with Trumps, “Let’s Make America Great Again” campaign under no circumstances wants to associate the group or himself with Donald Trumps campaign. I suppose once a liberal always a liberal, and trying to live his life out in the Country makes him a liberal wannabee Country singer. I suppose its his song he can refuse if he wants, maybe Hillary wants the song who knows? 

 – Parts Translated from Est En Ouest


2 thoughts on “Steven Tyler: Trump Dont Use My Songs for Campaign

  1. Who needs thus transgendered jerk, certainly not Trump

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    Posted by Donna Cunningham | May 14, 2016, 11:12 pm

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