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Why Do Some Have All The Rights and Some None?

PizzaStoreRightsInfringedWhy Do Some Have All The Rights and Some None?

“Once Upon A Time in a land not so far away where people were afraid to ….”

The way some invisible force is directing the world into chaos and diversity, is really a perfect plan to take away the rights of one section of the public and giving it to another. How fair is that and why should one side have all the rights and another none. Only one side has the power to say No, while the other must accept the will of the other side.

Beach NorthCarolinaTo prove the point when one little pizza owner wants to stand on his rights and his beliefs (it is such a shame that he even thinks he has any rights anymore) he is told ‘NO’, you have no right to do so. You either agree with us whoever us is, or else we will huff and puff and blow your little Pizza House down. Oh anyway, even if you apologize and accept that you have no rights and you were so out of line and so wrong, you will still be banished from society for offending a small percentage of the public as you may have believed you had some right to do so, when in fact you had none at all.

448Well as the rights of some have already almost all disappeared, so will this poor Pizza House Owner who obviously does not believe in the new controversial so-called bathroom bill known as HB2.  What is really so sad, is that he thinks he still has some kind of right to oppose it. When will people like him wake up and realize that a minority has hijacked his rights and because he was sleeping he must now accept the will of the few and learn the, ‘Yes sir, No Sir three bags full Sir” melody.

Meanwhile in a poor little shack in the hills of North Carolina a young Mother is reading her new baby boy a bedtime story with tears in her eyes, “Once Upon A Time in a land not so far away when people were still free they had this thing called, “The Right Of the People’ where everyone lived happily ever after.

– An Unimportant Opinion


3 thoughts on “Why Do Some Have All The Rights and Some None?

  1. It’s all gone to the toilet.


    Posted by James Marvell | May 13, 2016, 7:02 am
  2. Throughout the World it is evident that only the rich and famous have rights, and actually deprive the poor from all rights. So the fact is, there is no value in human rights, and this we see on a daily basis in the poverty stricken communities. Just open the mind by seeing the rich man having a feast at night and the lot of left overs gets thrown in a trash bin, while not so far from him, there’s a child just longing for a dry piece of bread. The child did not ask for the situation of poverty, so why deprive this child from the right to have a meal each day. Who is in the position to actually help such a child? Non other than the rich man who could share his food.


    Posted by Charles | May 12, 2016, 8:23 am

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