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Liberals Desperate To Stump Trump With 3rd Party

RomneyKristol001Liberals Desperate To Stump Trump With 3rd Party

In all my lifetime I have never seen the Liberal minded people of which many are my own friends, in such a panic as they are at the moment, with the thought of Donald Trump being the next President of the United States Of America.

TrumpCrusader001You may be thinking how can he say he has liberal friends he sounds so conservative? Here is my explanation, we only stay good friends because we keep our politics out of our friendship. After all Liberal people are not all bad people its just their politics that’s destroying the world, and I will not tell my liberal friends that, as I value their friendship above their political views and beliefs.

Hillary-ClintonHowever the liberals are so desperate to Stump Trump that they are now trying to convince Romney to split the vote so that their hero Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton can become the first Woman president of America. Now I know you may thinking whats he got against a woman being president?  and I would say nothing at all, but Hillary Clinton with her bad record and all, I mean how can everyone in their right mind ignore all that.

donaldtrump01There is nothing I can do about who becomes the next President of America so my opinion is of no importance I just needed another article for you all to read and this was it. Hope you enjoyed it, it took a few minutes out of my precious life to write all this up I hope it was worth it?

Its Mothers day be nice to your Mother no matter if she’s Liberal or Conservative she loves you anyway.

– WHISNews21


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