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AirplayExpress May 2016 Week #19 Top 20 Available

AETop20Week19 HeaderAirplayExpress Week 19, May’s Top 20 Airplay Download Chart

Now Available On WHISNews21 With Luanne Hunt at #1

This weeks Top 20 has proven that when artists promote their song with a little bit of extra effort it pays off big time. AirplayExpress sent out a special promotion for Independent Superstar Luanne Hunt Friday the 6th of May, and within 48 hours Luanne had over 200 downloads from DJ’s and radio professionals worldwide downloading her songs.


Luanne Hunt at #1 This Week

Luanne is the first AirplayExpress artist to take advantage of this special promo package which is extremely affordable and will not make a dent in your pocket no matter how hard you try. The rewards can be seen on the chart below. For more details on this special promo mail us at

Ricky Schultz of Down South Country had this to say,”  Thanks very much I downloaded all Luanne Hunts songs available and will add them to DownSouth Country Stereo’s playlist.

Please note the songs below are not linked to the downloads as these songs can only be downloaded by AirplayExpress members being Disc Jockey’s, Radio Station, Promoters, Artists, Recording Companies or fans who have permission from their Idols. You are invited go to the AirplayExpress  web site and register as a member and add your profile free for now as the window for that will close June 30th, 2016. AirplayExpress delivering Your Music Worldwide.

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Liberals Desperate To Stump Trump With 3rd Party

RomneyKristol001Liberals Desperate To Stump Trump With 3rd Party

In all my lifetime I have never seen the Liberal minded people of which many are my own friends, in such a panic as they are at the moment, with the thought of Donald Trump being the next President of the United States Of America.

TrumpCrusader001You may be thinking how can he say he has liberal friends he sounds so conservative? Here is my explanation, we only stay good friends because we keep our politics out of our friendship. After all Liberal people are not all bad people its just their politics that’s destroying the world, and I will not tell my liberal friends that, as I value their friendship above their political views and beliefs.

Hillary-ClintonHowever the liberals are so desperate to Stump Trump that they are now trying to convince Romney to split the vote so that their hero Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton can become the first Woman president of America. Now I know you may thinking whats he got against a woman being president?  and I would say nothing at all, but Hillary Clinton with her bad record and all, I mean how can everyone in their right mind ignore all that.

donaldtrump01There is nothing I can do about who becomes the next President of America so my opinion is of no importance I just needed another article for you all to read and this was it. Hope you enjoyed it, it took a few minutes out of my precious life to write all this up I hope it was worth it?

Its Mothers day be nice to your Mother no matter if she’s Liberal or Conservative she loves you anyway.

– WHISNews21

Let The Schools Burn Let Them Burn! Black Resident

BlacksBurningTheirSchools“Let the schools burn, let them burn!” – Vuwani resident

South African Blacks Are Burning their Own Schools To The Ground One After Another See Latest Report Below

Polokwane South Africa– “Let the schools burn. Let them burn. Watch and see what will happen tonight.”

BlacksBurningTheirSchools002This was a stern warning from a Vuwani resident who pre-empted the burning of yet another school on Saturday morning. Despite the increased police presence police confirmed on Saturday that another school was set alight in Vuwani.

BlacksBurningTheirSchools001Police spokesperson colonel Malesela Ledwaba said a school which had been previously vandalised by protesters was torched on Saturday morning, putting the number of schools set alight in South Africa to  twenty.

 “The total number of affected schools is 24. There are 20 burnt school and four damaged school,” he said. Ledwaba said police have arrested 23 suspects involved in the torching.

BlacksBurningTheirSchools003Government officials and traditional leaders have been battling to quell continued violence in the area. Vuwani residents are protesting against the creation of a new municipality which will include Malamulele residents. The residents say they want to remain in the Makhado municipality.

BlacksBurningTheirSchools004On Friday, Venda King Toni Ramabulane, said he supported his subjects in the cause. He said a political solution was needed to curb the destruction of schools. Ramabulane assured the media that he would bring an end to the violence saying he was confident his subjects would listen to him.

Ledwaba said police multidisciplinary teams were on the ground and more arrests were expected.

  • Lizeka Tandwa, News24

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman


Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station For All In Need This Morning

Gods Promise to Prodigals – Part 1

So he got up and went to his father.

But while he was still a long way off,

his father saw him and was filled with compassion for him;

he ran to his son, threw his arms around him and kissed him. Luke 15:20


Here’s an interesting and largely unknown thing about the story of the Prodigal Son, as pointed out by Dr. Ken Baily. Jewish families living in small villages were tightly knit communities where people knew one another well. So when something like this happened, word travelled fast. When the younger son demanded his inheritance it was like saying to his father, ‘I can’t wait until you die. I want what’s mine, now!’ Such a thing was unheard of. Then he went away, forgot the values he’d been taught, and squandered his inheritance on wild living. As a result he ended up destitute, working in a pig-sty. For a Jew, you can imagine the stigma. After breaking his father’s heart and the rules of the community, he decided to come back home. And that’s when his father ‘ran’ to meet him. Here’s why. Had he reached home after failing so badly, the village elders would have held a ‘ceremony of shame’ known in Hebrew as kezazah. They’d have taken a clay pitcher and smashed it on the ground in front of him, meaning his ties with the community were broken and he was no longer welcome. That’s why his father ran to meet him. He was saying, ‘I have to get to my son with grace before they get to him with the law. I have to give him hope before they take it away. I have a different ceremony in mind: a homecoming party to celebrate his restoration.’ What the father did for his prodigal son that day, God will do for you today, if you’ll only turn to Him.

Prayer Heavenly Father,

thank You for saving and protecting me from the stupid sinful things I do. I

n Jesus’ Name, Amen

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