Donald Trump and Marvell’s Song ‘Tampa’ are Winners

SalMarvellSuperTuesdayDonald Trump and the AirplayExpress Song ‘Tampa’ are Winners!


your-vote-counts-buttonThe big question this week is will Marvell Trump Donald? In what seems to be a very tight race no one seems to want to stick their neck out or even take a guess. It is a well-known fact that America just loves Donald Trump, yet many also know that Tampa is behind James Marvell 100%, so it’s practically impossible to predict at this point who will have the biggest win in their quest to be in the number one position or as some would say ‘King of the Hill’, “Top Of The Charts”, King Of The Castle” or even “Leader Of  The Free World” if there is still something like that.

voteButtonWe asked Hillary what she thought and she was very clear when she said, “What Difference at this point does It Make”   Yet most people want to know the answer to that, and she just answered it with a question of her own. It was a very disappointing response, and looking around the room, you could see the look on everyone’s face at that point, it was not one of those “Good Looks”.

So what do these Winners have in common?

vote-banner-400x232The answer to that question in the hearts of the American people is really very simple and easy to answer,” They both Love the city of  Tampa“. Watch the video and keep Voting for SAL & MARVELL and TRUMP even if they’re at #1. Rumors are going around one of them may have a  ‘Song Of The Year’ at Music Tampa Bay!

 Trump Loves Tampa. TAMPA is also a hit song! – Click Here

~ Vote ‘SAL & MARVELL’ at Music Tampa Bay –   even if they’re at #1

 – WHISNews21


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