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“Perfect Love”  Author :  Joyce  Meyer


Don’t Reject Yourself:  The Devil’s long-term goal is that we ultimately reject ourselves   and live a life of and live a life of misery.  The devil is against us and he wants us to be against us, too.  Fortunately, God is against us and he wants us to be against us, too.  Fortunately, God is for us, and when we learn how to agree with God and what He says about us in his word, the devil loses out entirely and his plan does not succeed. I can’t even count all the times and ways in my life that I have experienced deeply painful rejection,  but  I am happy to say that through God’s help and healing power, I like myself!We should all have a healthy love and respect for ourselves.  I like to say, “Don’t be in love with yourself, but do love yourself”. If Jesus loved you enough to die for you, you should never demean or reject yourself. God’s desire is that we become trees of righteousness  bearing good fruit (Isaiah 61:3).  However, if we request ourselves, our fruit will be fear, depression, negativism, lack of self-confidence , anger, hostility and self- pity.  And that is just the beginning of all the bad fruit we will have.  We will also be confused and totally miserable.  It is impossible to be happy if you hate and despise or reject yourself.

No matter how many people love you if you don’t love yourself you will still feel lonely 


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