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WHISNews21 Visitors ‘A Big Hi’ From Wyn Machon

WynMachonColumn001To All Our WHISNews21 Readers ‘A Big Hi’

Well I thought I Had Better Start With A Little About Myself And Take It From There


WynMachonColumn002Yes I am a radio DJ, but before joining radio as a volunteer I had a life of work and fun, as most people do …. My self on the outside I am big ole tough Wyn, inside I am a very sentimental person I tend to be a bit of a soft touch for a hard luck story. I get extremely hurt by comments from people who really shouldn’t throw stones when they themselves are not perfect. Not saying I am perfect in any way … Far from it.

WynMachon001I will over time get around to the reason for me being asked to write for you which of course is the music and radio side of me and my thoughts about this amazing industry. I will also give you an insight to my life leading up to my joining a radio station .

When I was younger I had many hobbies, now my time is taken up with being the radio station manager/DJ and taking trips around our beautiful country with my wife Joy. We have a small caravan we take to some lovely camping areas. Other than that gardening you could say is a bit of a hobby although now days seems to be a bit of a chore. Lucky for me Joy loves being out in the garden .

Well that’s about all for this time .. Catch up next week .. Bright sunny days to you all, Wyn


One thought on “WHISNews21 Visitors ‘A Big Hi’ From Wyn Machon

  1. On top of all this, I love your jokes and sense of humor….luv ya!🎶💖🎤💖🎶


    Posted by Donna Cunningham | April 25, 2016, 11:14 pm

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