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Is Darius Rucker A Litter Bug? You Be The Judge

DariusLitterBug001Is Darius Rucker A Litter Bug? You Be The Judge

Did Darius Not Only Do A Killer Version Of Purple Rain But Also A Killer Version Of A Litter Bug?


2016-04-23_14-12-58I just read an article that suggests that Darius Rucker did a Killer version of ‘Purple Rain’. That comes as no surprise to me as Darius is first and foremost a Pop Artist so it would be natural for him being such a good singer to do a killer version on a killer pop anthem. Which only convinces me more and more that he has no roots in Country and even though his Country efforts sound Country he is in my opinion just another a ‘Popper in Country Clothing” doing what a ‘Popper in Country Clothing” does.

2016-04-23_14-14-24I wanted to watch the “Killer” Performance of Purple Rain by Darius and started doing so but as I hit play and Darius came on stage he was drinking what must have been water I assume, from a cup and when he was done with the cup he just chucked it on the stage.  My first thought was, “Darius who is going to pick your cup up?” I was wondering if he does that at home too and perhaps his wife has to pick up all the cups he just chucks on the floor, I don’t know I am only wondering, for if he can do that in front of a Live Country audience at the ‘Wildhorse Saloon’ in Nashville then surely he can do that at  home too.

2016-04-23_14-15-19So needless to say, I did not bother watching his Killer performance, anyway if I wanted to watch a Killer performance of “Purple Rain” I would have turned to MTV , VH1 or something similar, and within a few minutes, Prince would have appeared singing the one and only performance of “Purple Rain” that matters. To add to my comment, I have seen one or two Karaoke Singers kill, “Purple Rain” too in my lifetime.

If y’all think this is your Country then expect sooner or later, to lose the worldwide respect people have for Country worldwide. You may be saying what the heck does this idiot know? The truth is some of the biggest Idiots on this planet have seen intelligent, professional and even good people mess up everything for everyone.

Long Live Country music….Steven Tyler, Cyndi Lauper, Hootie & The Blowfish, Christina Aguilera ……your new Country Legends ?

 – WHISNews21


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