Are You Holding Onto The Next Big #1 Of All Time?

HeaderLogoStarsAirplayExpress Presents A ‘Great Deal’ To All Artists
Let Me Send Your Song To Radio DJ’s Worldwide

You will never know if your song is a ‘Hit’ or ‘Not’ if You Don’t Take That Step

AirplayExpress will add your song to a professional Airplay Virtual CD Compilation, and send it out to over 5000 radio DJ’s worldwide. You will see your song featured on our Monthly Top 200 and Weekly Top 20 download charts. All new releases get enough downloads to feature on the charts, how high they feature will always depend on the amount of downloads your hit song gets.

The cost to you the artist is only $100vol1-5

The Following Benefits are Included Free With The Above Promotion


Top20* Continued promotion by ways of being included in all published articles and promo’s on WHISNews21 with your Hit song Included.

* A Personalized web page will be created on AirplayExpress which will remain there for one full year for DJ’s to come back at their convenience to learn more about you and to download your Hit Songs.

Webpage* Your personalized webpage will include your Biography, Pictures, music News about you and all download links to your songs on AirplayExpress.

* Your own personalized profile page will also be created and there all your Facebook, Twitter, Linkin etc social network links can be added. There is also place for promo pictures and YouTube and Vimeo Video’s

* All banners and promo pictures will be free with this promotion regarding the above.


If you are thinking about putting yourself on the World Stage

just take a few minutes to look around if there is anyone who will give you a better deal

If there is, I respectfully say try them first. 



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