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Merle Haggard’s Final Show: This Well Worth Reading

MerleLastShow001Merle Haggard’s Final Show Well Worth Reading

Merle Haggard Exited The Stage With His Dignity Intact

It was Super Bowl weekend. Merle had already cancelled months of shows, but this particular booking was a big payday. Merle had to pay his band and crew, so there was no calling in sick for this gig. Toby Keith was in town with his wife to watch some football and have some fun. Toby got word that Merle was in Vegas, so he went to see him… Merle was in bad shape. He needed to be in a hospital – not on a stage; but The Show Must Go On.

Merle would not take charity from anyone, but he did turn to Toby and say, “How many songs of mine do you know?”  “All of ’em” answered Toby.  “All of ’em?” “Yep. And I won’t need a teleprompter.” “Well, stay nearby.”

After four or five songs, Merle’s infected lungs were spent. He couldn’t draw enough air to sing any longer. “We’ve, uh, we’ve got a special guest here tonight…” Toby came out and sang the rest of the show. Merle gave his last concert. The Strangers got paid. And the audience, while not realizing it at the time, saw something special.  Never speak ill of Toby Keith to me; thanks to him, Merle Haggard exited the stage with his dignity intact.

– From W Earl Brown with Mona Thomas Brooks and Lee Marcus.Facebook

Speaking Up for Unknown Soldiers Show #12 on WETv

Garry L Thomas at his seat 002

Speaking Up For Unknown Soldiers #12 WETv

This week Colonel Garry Thomas will be “Speaking Up For The Unknown Soldiers” with a very special studio guest Daryl J. W. Mackin. “Speaking Up For The Unknown Soldiers” is another original production from the Nashville Broadcast Network on WETv

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Hunter Hayes Joins Tori Kelly Live On Stage At Ryman

ToriKellyHunterHayes001Hunter Hayes Joins Tori Kelly On Stage At The Ryman

Tori Kelly performed at Nashville’s historic venue The Ryman earlier this month and during her performance, Tori surprised the audience and reunited with country musics own Hunter Hayes! The two sang a beautiful duet of “Wanted” together. Tori and Hayes originally met when they were twelve years old on the set of NBC’s America’s Most Talented Kid and haven’t reunited since the show. It a special moment not only for the audience, but for Tori and Hunter as well!

– Posted by Country Girl CMTT

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman


Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station For All In Need This Morning

Relationships:  Why Bother ? Author: Pamela Reeve

The other morning  I was studying the section of Proverbs that says: 

A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult


I said to the Lord, “You know, that’s  great, that’s tremendous!   That’s where I want to be, Lord!  That’s for me today.  “Within two hours after I arrived at my office, I did not ignore what I saw as an insult.  I showed my annoyance immediately! All of the good spiritual input  that we receive and enjoy is put to a test as we relate to other people.  My real growth that morning did not take  place as I was reading the Bible verse and thinking, “Isn’t that marvelous?”  The real growth came from blowing it and realizing I had really blown it.  “Lord forgive me.  Wrong way.  No good . Bring me another test and help me respond properly.” That is growth.

Additional Scripture Reading:   James 1:22-25 + John 2:1-6

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