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‘Nashville’ Likely for Fifth Season, Executive Says

NashvilleSeason4‘Nashville’ Likely for Fifth Season Executive Says

The future looks bright for fans of television’s most countrified hour-long drama. A top executive from ABC says Nashville is likely to be renewed for a fifth season.

Networks don’t usually comment on whether a show will be renewed until May, but according to Entertainment Weekly, ABC president Paul Lee all but told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour on Sunday (Jan. 10) that the show will continue.

“We don’t have any plans to finish Nashville,” Lee says. “We have an incredibly passionate audience. The Nashville audience grows by a large amount in our delay viewings. No, at this point, no plans for Nashville other than to keep it going.”

The Tennessean reports that Nashville has an unusual number of DVR viewers who watch the show within 7 days after it first airs, and that demographic has been key in keeping the show growing its viewership. Currently in its fourth season, the show — which cut some key characters and added others this year in order to move the focus off of a subplot about Nashville’s local politics and exclusively onto the music business — finished the fall part of its season with an episode that scored a 125 percent increase with adults ages 18-49, which was the largest seven-day jump of any mainstream network show that aired that week.

Nashville also stays competitive by bringing in additional revenue via streaming and downloading of original tracks from each episode, as well as sales of various soundtracks. State and local government in Nashville and Tennessee generally step in with financial support to help defray the cost of location shooting in Music City, since the show has provided enormous tourism revenue for its namesake city.

“If you consider the unique ingredients of our show, we will find new fans,” Executive Producer Steve Buchanan tells the Tennessean. “More and more people will discover the show, be told about the show in years to come. There’s a long life cycle for a television property like Nashville.”

Willie Nelson Goes Classic Pop for New Album

wnWillie Nelson Goes Classic Pop for New Album

Alan Jackson Country Star And Country Legend

AlanJackson002Alan Jackson Country Star And Country Legend

Alan Jackson is one of the most successful country artists of his generation, and he’s built his huge career entirely around traditional country music. Jackson came to Nashville after his wife approached Glen Campbell at the airport and told him about her husband, who landed a songwriting deal with Campbell’s publishing company. That led to a record deal, and Jackson’s 1989 debut album, ‘Here in the Real World,’ scored several big hits, including the title song, “Wanted” and “Chasin’ That Neon Rainbow.” Since then he’s landed an enormous string of hits including “Livin’ on Love,” “Gone Country,” “Drive” and many more. Jackson responded to the 9/11 attacks with a song titled “(Where Were You) When the World Stopped Turning,” which many regard as an all-time classic. He has won Grammy, CMA and ACM awards, and is a member of the Grand Ole Opry and the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. In recent years he has turned his attention to gospel and bluegrass music.

– TasteOfCountry

Today’s Inspiration Station With Rhonnie Scheuerman


Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Inspiration Station For All In Need This Morning

David and Goliath

“So David won the fight against Goliath with a sling and a stone.” 1 Samuel 17:50


You are face to face with your enemy who is over nine feet tall. He wears armor, which weighs 125 pounds, with a sword weighing 15 pounds. You are just a boy, and you carry a staff, a slingshot, and a bag with five stones. Your enemy towers over you, screaming, making everyone afraid. How are you feeling? Is your heart pounding? Does your stomach feel sick? Or do you feel brave because you know God is on your side?

It is hard to know what David was thinking and feeling as he went up against Goliath. But we can imagine it must have taken a great deal of faith and trust in the Lord for such a young boy to fight a giant. With armies on both sides, and the Israelites depending on him, David was an example of faith. God protected David, and showed the importance of believing in Him because David was not able to defeat Goliath on his own.

Goliath tried to tear apart God’s people. Today we have Goliaths, but in the form of sin, which tries to destroy us and separate us from God. This is why it is so important to have a faith that trusts in God because we are not able to defeat the devil and sin on our own. God sent His son Jesus to save us. Jesus won the victory over the devil, rescuing us from death. In Jesus we have God’s grace, mercy, and love. Any time we are facing sin we can go to God and trust in His protection and guidance.

Heavenly Father, Thank You for Your protection and strength when we are facing sin. Thank You for Jesus rescuing us from sin, which we are not able to fight on our own. Help us to trust in You always. 



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