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Why Do Black Men Beat Their White Women

HardyHolder001Why Do More Black Men Beat Their White Girlfriends and Wives Part 1

Ever since OJ Simpson allegedly got away with murder after allegedly brutal killing his white wife I have noticed with horror that this is not an isolated case. Many incidents have appeared in the press since hen alleging that inmost cases when a woman is beaten and by a man it is white woman who is either a girlfriend or a wife a black man. Why this is happening I don’t know but it seems that if the news reports can be believed it is happening more and more. The problem could be pretty serious as it is also being covered up due to the political correctness of the subject matter. If all this is true then white woman could be in danger when married to black men. Now I know this sounds like generalization, but take a look at the news whenever its abuse against woman it seems to always be black men who are beating and abusing their white women. It’s not me who published all those beatings its is the international press and they seem to be OK publishing the news for they feel comfortable doing so as they know no one is going to call it for what it is because every white man is afraid of political correctness. This new column is going to highlight some of the cases that made headlines recently and then you can decide if you have the guts to make a comment or just vote on our poll down below.

Part One: Greg Hardy Black Football Player for Carolina Panthers


NFL Star Greg Hardy Was Arrested For Beating Up Ex-Girlfriend


In May 2014, Greg Hardy, a star defensive end for the Carolina Panthers, was arrested for attacking his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Holder. Images of what happened to Holder that night have never been seen by the public. Until now

imagesCHARLOTTE, N.C. — New photos obtained by Deadspin show the injuries that former Carolina Panthers player Greg Hardy allegedly inflicted on his ex-girlfriend during an assault.The alleged attack on Nicole Holder happened in Charlotte in 2014, while Hardy played for the Panthers. Hardy, who now plays for the Dallas Cowboys, was convicted but had the conviction reversed on appeal and later expunged from his criminal record.

“Conviction reversed on appeal and later expunged from his criminal record” – Above the Law?

Police photos of Holder’s injuries show abrasions, welts, bruises and cuts on her shoulders, face, neck, arms, back and foot. Hardy told police that Holder attacked him. Two photos among the 48 pictures obtained by Deadspin show an injury to Hardy’s face. According to the Charlotte Observer, the NFL had to sue the state of North Carolina to get access to the photos from Hardy’s case file, which had been sealed. Some of the photographs in the gallery below appear to repeat; they are in fact distinct images of the evidence photos, shown at different levels of light exposure. – News Channel 3 Memphis 2015

Watch the video at WETv it is only a few minutes and details all the information above

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2 thoughts on “Why Do Black Men Beat Their White Women

  1. Resentment from slavery, hatred


    Posted by candyandycandy | March 23, 2019, 5:40 am
  2. More white women are dating / marrying black men, thus more dumb ass white women are getting their ass beat.


    Posted by Mike | August 22, 2018, 9:17 pm

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