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Jim Rose Remembers Radio Monday Nov 22, 2015


November 22, 2015 [Friday] Issue #1461


90 YEAR OLD TALK HOST STILL TALKS ON THE RADIO Eleanor Ford, at 90 years old, still has something to say on WTNK-1090 / W228CB FM (93.5) and online in Hartsville, TN and each week radio listeners from around the country tune in. Ford hosts Lunchtime with Eleanor weekly talk show every Friday from 11 a.m.-noon since 2003. Ford, who is a florist for 36 years and serves as executive director of the Hartsville Chamber of Commerce for 20 years, still stays deeply connected to what is going on thereabouts.

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WILKES COUNTRY WOLF LOSES MORNING DUO In December 2014, John Moug moves from his eight year night DJ spot on CBS Radio Top 40 KLUC FM (98.5) Las Vegas to do mornings on Wilkes Country KWOF FM (92.5 The Wolf) Denver, CO. In March 2015, Jaime Ames leaves KORL FM (Mix 101.1) Honolulu, HI to join Moug on the KWOF FM morning show. After a brief engagement on the wake up crew Moug and Ames hit the exit ramp. Reach Moug at Catch Ms. Ames at

ANOTHER RADIO STATION FLIPS TO ALL CHRISMAS MUSIC CHEER For the 15th consecutive November iHeartMedia Adult Contemporary/Hot AC WLIT FM (93.9 MYfm) flips to an all-Christmas music format. Edison the Reindeer returns as official mascot of Chicago’s Christmas Station WLIT FM. iHeartMedia Chicago announces the Christmas music begins on WLIT FM at 4:35pm ‎Thursday, ‎November ‎12, ‎2015 and continues through December 26th.

COLUMBUS, OH GOES BOOM! Radio One doubles its Columbus, OH footprint when it buys Wilks’ last two Columbus-area stations, WZOH FM (95.5) and WHOK FM (107.1). Radio One moves its Urban AC Boom format from WXMG FM (Magic 106.3) over to WZOH FM’s stronger 95.5 signal. This joins Radio One’s other Boom outlets on KROI FM (Boom 92) Houston, WPHI FM (Boom 107.9) Philadelphia, KSOC FM (Boom 94.5) Dallas and WPZE FM (Boom 102.9) Atlanta. WHOK FM is the new the home of Inspirational Joy 107.1.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What popular British singing group once appears as Johnny and the Moondogs? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Robert Poer Friday, November 20, 2015. •ASHLEY O. leaves Cox Media WFLC FM (Hits 97.3) as Assistant Producer of DJ Laz Morning Show and Production Director to anchor the morning show on Entercom Alternative WSFS FM (104.3 The Shark) Miami, FL. •ROB CHICKERING after eight-years on Dallas-based YEA Networks and The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show exits his post as VP of Operations and Engineering for Glenn Beck’s company as TV and radio VP of Production Operations on November 30, 2015.


•1959 WABC-770 fires radio legend Alan Freed on November 20th over a payola scandal. •1961 JIMMY DEAN’s single Big Bad John rises to #1 in Billboard Country on November 20th. •1976 GEORGE HARRISONappears on Saturday Night Live on November 20th. •1980 JOHNNY LEE’s Urban Cowboy single contributionLookin’ For Love goes Gold on November 18th. •1995 BEATLES’ ANTHOLOGY VOL 1 releases on November 20th. •2004 LONESTAR’s single Mr. Mom grabs #1 in Billboard Country on November 20th.


DUANE ALLEN [Lead singer Oak Ridge Boys] (Hendersonville, TN) No slowing down for kings of the road, Oak Ridge Boys. On Sunday, Bonsall, Sterban, Duane Allen and William Lee Golden, who have all been performing together since 1973 as the Oak Ridge Boys, will be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame as one of the few gospel acts to successfully transition to secular music and become hit makers

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BARRY KILGORE [ex KNUZ-1230, KQUE FM] (Houston-Conroe, TX) Subject: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Haven’t written in a long time. Still an avid reader. For an allegedly retired person, I stay busy. I just wanted to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! this November 16th. I celebrated my 150th in September. At least I think it was the 150th. ( lose track of time because I’m on DOG TIME. That means, You take me out for a walk every two hours and I won’t do my business on your floor.) BTW, I always thought Murray the K was the 5th Beatle. He always said he was.

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CHARLES GEORGE [KC5RAI – ex KCHU FM] (Dallas, TX) Subject: Belated Birthday Greetings. I forgot about your birthday, but hope you enjoyed your birthday. A lot of people were born in November. My mother was born Nov 8, 1930 and a lady friend and neighbor, Ruby was born Nov 12, 1948. I went and heard after spending some time with Ruby to the Dallas Art Museum. They had a local Jazz/ R&B band, Fingerprints. They have several CDs on Spotify. I need to update my address book, since the Holidays are coming.

DON SUNDEEN [DJ/Hi Records promotion/TV ad prod-Ira “Eye” Lipson tape for blind] (Dallas, TX) Happy birthday Jim and many more. You’ve done an incredible job of continuing and growing your Radio Newsletter over the years.

TRIVIA ANSWER: On November 15, 1959 three ex-members of the Quarrymen, later to become known as the Beatles’ John, Paul, and George, audition for the British talent program TV Star Search at the Hippodrome Theatre in Lancashire. They appear as Johnny and the Moondogs and perform two Buddy Holly songs: Think It Over and It’s So Easy.

BRUCE HATHAWAY [KTSA-550, KTFM FM, Swingtime TV show] (San Antonio, TX) HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!*** KEEP UP HE GREAT WORK !!!
JEROME DAVIS [ex KLTV, KDOK, KEEE, KMHT, KRLD-1080, KFJZ-1270 & WBAP-820] (Dallas-Colleyville, TX) Subject: HB. Happy Birthday Jim. Jerome Davis
DR. JEFF CUNNINGHAM [ex KXOL-1360] (Austin-Kyle, TX) Happy birfday to yew… Happy birfday to yew… Happy birfday dear Jim! Happy birfday to yew! Jeff Cunningham, DC
BEN HAROLD [KXOL, KENR] (Knoxville, TN) Subject: happy birthday! Happy Birthday Monday, Jim! I’m thankful you are still here! Besides being an old friend, without you, there would be no JRRR! Ben JOANIE GREEN-GALLO [KNUZ-1230] (Tulsa, OK) Subject: Woo Hoo! Happy Birthday, Jim! I hope your day is filled with joy and wonderment. Joan
JERRY STERN (Galveston, TX) Happy Birthday Jim, make it a great day
FR. BOB TOMLINSON [ex KXOL-1360] (Jacksonville-Lake Striker, TX) Happy Birthday Jim. Have a great day.
CHUCK DUNAWAY [ex WABC-770, WKY-930, KILT-610, KLIF-1190] (Houston-Katy, TX) Have I wished you a happy b’day yet?
DAVE TUCKER [KFJZ-1270, KXOL-1360, KBOX-1480] (Ft. Worth, TX) Hi Jim, Have a great Happy Birthday
[Catfish] JIM PREWITT [Country KNCI FM 105.1-KLOL] (Dallas-Bedford. TX) Happy birthday my friend! (
JOHN HALE [Retired KLBJ-590/KONO-860/KTRH-740 newscaster] (McKinney, TX) Hey Jim, happy birthday.

AARP FORUM [Questions and Answers] Q: Where can single men over the age of 70 find younger women who are interested in them? A: Try a bookstore, under Fiction.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

MCG: Are You Lonesome Tonight?

MCG LonelinessFridayMCG: Are You Lonesome Tonight?

He had more money than he could spend in a life time,

Yet the thing that bothered him most, Was That he was lonesome

The Music City Ghost [File #88] 2015: Many years ago a friend of mine interviewed Roy Acuff (The King Of Country Music) not George Strait the other KING OF COUNTRY MUSIC, as some call him.  Some of the answers to my friends questions that Mr. Roy gave were eye opening to say the least. The interview was conducted in front of Roy’s luxurious home which was located right inside the Opryland USA theme park.   My friend asked Roy how many number one records he had and he said he didn’t know.  He went on to explain he had other people tending to those kind of things and he was sorry but didn’t know the answer.  Another question my friend asked him was,  “What is there if anything that bothers you”?  He paused a moment and then stated that he was lonely.  Now bear in mind this man had millions of adoring fans, lived in a mansion inside Opryland, had more money than anyone could spend in a life time, and the thing that bothered him the most was that he was lonesome.  I have heard this time and time again that people die in nursing homes of loneliness.  I am not a doctor so I can’t explain the medical reason why this happens.  I welcome any comments you may have with an explanation to this phenomenon.

MCG Signature

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Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Friday

RhonsInspirationDaily2014Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Friday Morning Inspiration For All In Need Of Some



Searching For Significance

But now, this is what the LORD says he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel:

“Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name; you are mine. Isaiah 43:1

Do you remember the hit song by Dean Martin, ‘You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You’? Such lyrics show up our deepest concern. We want our lives to matter, to mean something. Our deepest fear is of coming and going—and nobody knowing! We strive with our lack of education, our spot on the financial totem pole, and our looks. That’s why it bothers us when a friend forgets to call, or a teacher forgets our name, or a colleague takes credit for something we have done. We crave attention, drop the names of important people in conversations, and put flashy hubcaps on our cars. Fashion designers tell us, ‘You’ll be somebody if you wear our jeans.’ So we go out and spend half our wages on a pair of Italian jeans. But then—horror of horrors—the style changes from tight to baggy, faded to black, and we’re left wearing yesterday’s jeans, feeling like yesterday’s news. Simply stated: you can’t gain significance from the outside. It’s an inside job. Your sense of significance must come from someone you trust, someone you know will never change, someone who knows the worst about you and always believes the best. And there’s only one such source: God. So read on: ‘Thus says the Lord, who created you…who formed you…Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by your name; you are Mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow you. When you walk through the fire, you shall not be burned…For I am the Lord your God…you [are] precious in My sight’ (vv. 1-4).

Heavenly Father, help me to not get trapped in trying to live up to what others are doing and to trust that You have given me all I need, that You believe in me and You are looking out for me. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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