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Jim Rose Remembers Radio Monday Nov 12, 2015


November 09, 2015 [Monday] Issue #1458


NINETEEN SEVENTIES HIT MAKER HEADS HOME In the 1920s and 1930s, Gene Austin’s 1928 hit My Blue Heaven sells over five million copies. Gene’s cousin Tommy Overstreet born on September 10, 1937 in Oklahoma City, OK grows up in both Houston and Abilene, TX. In 1971, he scores a top five hit with Gwen (Congratulations). One of Country music’s biggest star’s in the 1970’s Tommy has 11 Top Ten singles. On November 2, 2015, Tommy Overstreet passes away at 78 in his home in Hillsboro, OR.

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RADIO AND RECORDS DC BUREAU HONCHO DEPARTS From 1973 to 2006, Radio & Records (R&R) reads like a Bible for us in the radio industry until Billboard buys it and shuts it down in 2009. As an independent trade, R&R’s final issue is on ‎August 4, 2006. R&R’s Washington, DC correspondent is Pat Clawson. Pat’s work includes investigative reporter for CNN, Radio America and NBC News. On Thursday, October 29, 2015 Pat Clawson dies in his sleep at 60 in his home in Flint, MI suburb of Swartz Creek.

TV VET VACATES BRAZOS VALLEY John Carroll graduates from Baylor University with a BA degree in Radio/TV and Film. In his senior year, John is student station manager of KWBU FM. His broadcast career includes 8 Central Texas radio stations plus two TV News departments. He anchors the news on Good Morning Central Texas on KWTX TV, next anchors the 6 and 10 pm newscasts at News Ten. After 4 years, John exits KBTX TV CH 3 Bryan/College Station to rejoin KWTX TV News CH 10 Waco, TX after a 23 year lapse.

NIELSEN LISTS TOP 5 RADIO FORMATS In the Fall 2015 ratings results Nielsen reports that Sports/Talk radio sets records for share of audience. Nielsen’s October PPM ratings show Sports radio’s listening trends are up year-to-year from 5.4% to 5.6%. Nielsen reports News/Talk radio posts a 9.4% share of all listening, a milestone since November 2013. News/Talk’s 9.4% is the number one format. Rounding out the top five most listened to radio formats: Country (7.9%), CHR (7.4%), AC (7.4%) and Hot AC (6.4%).

TRIVIA QUESTION: What famous network TV anchor once uses the air name Walter Wilcox? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Shadoe Stevens Tuesday, November 3rd. Tony Booth Wednesday, November 11th.Casey James Thursday, November 12, 2015. •IHEARTMEDIA joins FOX Business Network & FOX News Channel to air Republican presidential debate in Milwaukee, WI on Tuesday, November 10th (9pm/ET) to News/Talk radio stations nationwide. •BOB KEVOIAN who with Westwood One Bob & Tom Show co-host Tom Griswold induct into the National Radio Hall of Fame announces his retirement effective at end of 2015.


•1953 KTVQ TV CBS/NBC CH 2 in Billings, MT begins broadcasting on November 9th. •1964 ROGER MILLERrecords King Of The Road on November 3rd in Nashville, TN. •1973 RINGO STARR releases album Ringo on November 9th. •1980 WILLIE NELSON’s single On The Road Again motors to #1 in Billboard Country on November 8th. •1996 FRED LIPMANN French quartz watchmaker dies at 91 on November 9th. •2010 TAYLOR SWIFT’s single Back To December releases to radio on November 9th on Big Machine records.


FRANK HALEY [KDAZ-730 newscaster – ex KLIF-1190, KILT-610, KTRH-950, KVIL FM & KOB-770] (Albuquerque, NM) Jim, we’ve lost another one. Frank. Stu Walker, voice of Isotopes and Lobos, dies at 61. Longtime Albuquerque Isotopes and UNM Lobos public address announcer Stu Walker died Monday afternoon at age 61 after a battle with cancer. Walker worked with the Isotopes since 2003 and with the Lobos’ football and basketball teams for the last 20 years. Walker first started calling Lobo basketball games in 1995. He also called baseball and men’s soccer games for UNM, and called high school championships for NMAA. Walker was a former Albuquerque DJ and former radio newsman. “We are deeply saddened by Stu Walker’s passing,” said Vice President for Athletics Paul Krebs. “Stu was a tireless worker and loved not just the Lobos but all of Albuquerque. His voice was instantly recognized by our fans, and he will be sorely missed.”

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BRAD MESSER [ex KLIF-1190, KTSA-550] (San Antonio, TX) Johnny Shannon passed away in his sleep on Oct. 26 at his home in San Antonio after a long bout with liver cancer. If you knew Johnny at KILT or WOR or KONO or KTSA or anywhere else, I know you liked and respected him, so I am making sure that everyone in my Contacts list knows that there is a GoFundMe campaign to defray his final expenses. Please to see the details. Regards, Brad Messer

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JOHN WALTON [Walton & Johnson Show] (Houston-Brookshire, TX) Subject: Johnny Shannon. Jim, This is the main (and a little morbid) reason I scan your newsletter every week. I don’t spend a lot of time looking at trade publications anymore. I would never have heard about the passing of Johnny Shannon otherwise. I would never say we were close but when I was PD/Aft guy at KTSA Johnny and I would pass and chat a few minutes daily as I slid in and he slid out for about 2 years. At that time KTSA was still an AM Top 40 giant in the old studios out on Eisenhower. KTSA/KTFM was full of “outsized personalities” Brad Messer, Dan Mason, Logan Stewart, Catfish Prewitt, Lee Randle, Hector Reyes, Sonny Rio, Capt K (helicopter traffic legend), etc. But Johnny always stands out in my memory for always being so quiet and shy. A mild mannered buy who always had a laid back, aww shucks kind of persona not unlike a Jimmy Stewart or Tom Hanks…never had a cross word for anyone… when I first arrived he always took time to talk to the new guy as I settled in…always asked if I needed help with anything or had questions. I know we have reached that age when many of the guys we knew or worked with are heading upstairs and we shouldn’t be all that surprised…but somehow it always is. — John Walton; Walton & Johnson Show Honcho n Chief of 105.3 FREE/Excel Media Beaumont/Pt Arthur

TRIVIA ANSWER: On November 4, 1916 CBS Evening News anchorman Walter Cronkite, once called the most trusted man in America, is born. When he is KCMO-710 Kansas City, MO sports announcer he uses the air name Walter Wilcox.

BOB GRANT [East Coast radio legend] (San Angelo-Abilene, TX) Subject: Obit. Jim: Sad to learn of death in Oregon of country singer, Tommy Overstreet, @78 on 11/2. He has lots of connections to radio in Houston & Abilene, then L.A. & Nashville. Wikipedia has his life story, & his auto-bio, “A Road Less Traveled” was rel. in 2014. He had 5 top 5 hits & 11 made top ten. At his peak, I was MC of his show, 1972, Am Legion Park, Culpeper, VA. Told him that his band was first I’d seen to totally replicate sound of his actual hit records on stage. Bob & Sonny Lee

WOODY ALLEN (1935-p) I’m not afraid to die, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

MCG: Don’t Shut The Door To Opportunity Even Once

MCG Opporunity Knocks Once

MondayYou Never Know When Your First Chance Is Your Last Chance

If The Buss Comes Around You Better Hop On As It May Never Ever Come By Again

The Music City Ghost [File #79] 2015: One of the things I tried to do in my career was to be successful as a Booking Agent.  I only lasted 2 months at that job and it was the worse job I ever had in the Music Business.  In many ways the Booking Agents job and the person who runs  a Day Care Center are similar.  The overwhelming similarity is they are both a professional baby sitting service.  In the little time I spent on the job I thought I would share just 3 examples of what happened to me.

1. I booked one of our female singers on a recording session that was to start at 10 AM.  She called me the day of the session and said I would have to move the start time to later that evening because she couldn’t sing that early in the morning.  I told her to remind me never to book her on the GOOD MORNING AMERICA TV show because that starts at 5 AM.

2.  I got an invitation for one of our Male singers and his band to make a personal appearance at a week long engagement in France for some really good money.  The band leader called me to inform me they were not going to accept the gig because none of the band members had passports.

3.  I got the opportunity to have one of our better bands on the roster sing on a very popular TV show in Canada.  This show was on Canadian Network TV and was broadcast coast to coast in Canada.  To say that they had the chance to expose their brand to the entire Canadian market is an understatement. They were to be paid a standard TV performance rate as set by the MUSICIANS UNION.   They were to tape the show at 7 PM but just like the rest of the people on the show they were to report to the TV studio at 2 PM that afternoon for rehearsal.  The TV producers called it “A DRY RUN” and it included sound check, stage placement, setting the lights, marking out the camera angles, etc.  The lead singer in the band snapped at me and said. “I hope we are going to be paid extra for that rehearsal.”  The last I knew they were playing down on Lower Broadway for tips.

MCG Signature

(C) MUSIC CITY GHOST logo, likeness, trademark, character, and news stories cannot be reproduced without written permission. The Music City Ghost is owned entirely by Wildhorse Entertainment and The Nashville Broadcasting  Network.

Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Monday

RhonsInspirationDaily2014Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Early Morning Inspiration For All In Need Of SomeMaritzOriginalLetters2013monday



Prayer: Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always. 1 Chronicles 16:11

A good relationship is based on being sensitive to the other person’s needs, and to do that, you must make the relationship a priority and spend time together. The difference between ‘catching a few moments’ with the Lord and spending quality time with Him is like the difference between driving through McDonald’s and spending the evening at a fine restaurant. At McDonald’s you drive up, shout into a microphone and drive around to a window where they hand you a bag of food. In a fine restaurant you sit down, savor every bite in a relaxed atmosphere, and leave satisfied and nourished.

Too many of us live on spiritual fast food and never experience the banquet God has for us. The Bible says, ‘Seek his face continually.’ Have you learned how to stay in God’s presence and enjoy it? When it comes to prayer, we all face two challenges: 1) Lack of desire. We complain about lack of time, but the truth is we make time for what we truly care about and enjoy. If you want to build an effective prayer life you must be willing to forfeit some things. 2) We don’t know how. Find a place with no distractions. Take your Bible and a notepad with you. Use a CD player with worship music to help you. Worship will change the atmosphere around you. Just do what works for you. And be patient! Sometimes it takes weeks or months before you develop a pattern, so stick with it—the rewards are worth it. And remember, prayer is a two-way street. It’s not about seeing how much you can tell God; it’s about learning to hear from Him as well.

Heavenly Father, help me take the time to be well fed, instead of talking on the run. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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