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Top 8 Video’s Viewed On WETv August 29, 2015

cropped-whtv960x300This Weeks Top Video’s Viewed On WETv

The following videos have been aired on WETv during the past week are listed below for your information and if you perhaps missed them you can now view them as they are archived at Wildhorse Entertainment Television for future viewing anytime of the day or night. Simply click on the title and you will be ushered to your seat in the WETv viewing room.

This Weeks Top Viewed Video On WETv

I Don’t Want To See A White Face, Mugabe – WETv

Laura Dodd’s Video Jukebox #031 WETv

Funny Videos That Talking Guinea Pig – WET TV

Lorrie Morgan A Country Singer Episode #002 WET TV

Speaking Up For Unknown Soldiers #06 – WETv

Jeff Dunham Bubba J is a Vampire! Minding the Monsters

Johnny Lee & Lane Brody Yellow Rose of Texas – WET TV

Dolly Parton’s My People 2013, Dollywood Show – WET TV

The Videos above are listed in popularity order as featured on WETv for the week ending August 29, 2015

Rhon’s Early Morning Inspiration For Saturday

RhonsInspirationDaily2014Rhonnie Scheuerman’s Early Morning Inspiration For All Who May Be In Need Of Some

    Do not merely listen to the word, and to deceive yourselves.   Do what  it says.  Anyone who listens to the word but does not do what it says is like someone who looks at his face in the mirror and after looking at himself, goes away and immediately forgets what he looks like

      – JAMES 1:22-24-


   Article by Marci Alborghetti

A cute joke gave me a much-needed reminder that expressing Christianity  involves a lot more than opening my mouth.  A preacher is  new in town and looking for the post office.  He walks around, searching, and sees a small boy.  He asks the child for directions to the post office, and the child gives them.  The preacher seeing an opportunity for a little free advertising, thanks him and say, “If you come to my church on Sunday and bring your family, I’ll tell you how to get to heaven.”  “Mister,” the boy replies, you don’t even know how to get to the post office.  How’re you going to show us the way to heaven?”

We imagine, with a little undeniable satisfaction. the preacher getting his comeuppance.   Yet after the chuckles fade, we can see something in here for more than just preachers and clerics.  It’s an echo of Jesus words to all of us when He tells His disciples to remove the planks from their own eyes before they try to remove the sliver from their neighbor’s eye.  I like to think I know the way to God.  But some days I can barely manage to be loving to my husband, tolerant of my noisy neighbors or patient with the problems of my friends.

Finding the way to heaven, I am reminded by this anecdote,  it’s not a matter of talking about it with arrogant certainty.  It  is a matter of searching  quietly, acting humbly and serving gracefully.  Most  of all, it is a matter of accepting my own flaws before I go searching for the limitations of others.

Father , teach me the right path to You, and then let me show others in how I live my life.——MARCI

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