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Jim Rose Remembers Radio August 28, 2015 Friday


August 28, 2015 [Friday] Issue #1437


RED DUKE FILES LAST REPORT Dr. Red Duke, who is born in Ennis, TX in 1928, pioneers the Life Flight program at Memorial Herman Hospital. While at Parkland Hospital in Dallas, TX Dr. Duke is on call after President John F. Kennedy is shot. Dr. Duke also takes care of Texas Governor John Connally, who is shot at the same time. Dr. Duke does syndicated TV reports that begin on KTRK TV CH 13. Famed Houston surgeon Dr. James Red Duke dies at 86 on ‎Tuesday, ‎August ‎25, ‎2015.

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VANDALS CHOP OFF RONALD MCDONALD’S HEAD The Museum Of Broadcast Communications’ exhibit A Salute to Advertising’s Greatest Icons at 360 N State Street, Chicago, IL features a Ronald McDonald statue on a park bench outside its doors for fans to take pictures. But, late Monday night, August 22, 2015 a vandal decapitates Ronald McDonald and leaves him sitting there headless. MBC founder Bruce DuMont tells WBBM TV CBS CH 2 that they recover the head of Ronald McDonald’s statue on Tuesday.

HOUSTON, TX CLASSICAL MUSIC ON THE BLOCK The board of Houston Public Media announces that it will sell Classical Music KUHA FM (91.7) Houston, TX. HPM says that once the sale takes place it will continue its Classical Music format on KUHF-HD2 (88.7) plus online. However, so far, no buyers inquire about the price of KUHA FM. Lisa Shumate, KUHF FM GM, brags: We are making this change in recognition of the growing popularity, superior broadcast quality and greater efficiency of digital broadcasting.

TX ESPN FLIPS TO NEWS Malkan Interactive Communications ESPN Sports KEYS-1440 Corpus Christi, TX stunts with a loop that teases a flip to News/Talk: People of Corpus Christi, South Texas, and the entire nation, we now live in a different world. It’s a world where terrorist organizations have no regard for human life. It’s time we speak up. It’s time your opinion is heard. Soon. Very soon you will have that opportunity. Stay tuned. KEYS-1440 flips to Sports on September 1, 2011 which is probably when its contract expires.

TRIVIA QUESTION: What radio announcer is known as the Man of 1,000 Voices? The answer appears below.


•HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Tom Fontaine Sunday, August 23rd. Jerome Davis Monday, August 24, 2015. •CHAD PITT PM Drive personality on CBS Radio Hot AC KHMX FM (Mix 96.5) Houston, TX adds APD duties. •MATT SENNE & AMY FOXX married morning duo on Leighton Broadcasting KZPK FM (Wild Country 99) St. Cloud, MN for past 13 years perform their final show on Wild Country. Matt moves on up to GM of Leighton’s newly acquired radio properties on the Mississippi River in Winona, MN effective September 1, 2015.


•1951 DAVE HLUBEK guitarist with Southern Rock band Molly Hatchet born on August 28th. •1965 SHANIA TWAIN (1999 CMA Entertainer award winner) born Eileen Edwards on August 28th in Windsor, Ontario. •1974 SOYUS 15 spacecraft returns to Earth on August 28th. •1981 JAKE OWEN (Eight Second Ride #11-2009) born on August 28th in Winter Haven, FL. •1994 DAVID WRIGHT South African-born poet dies at 74 on August 28th. •2004 LONESTAR’s animated video Mr. Mom debuts on CMT on August 26th.


TOM ELLIS [Veteran WABC TV NYC, WBZ TV Boston, MA & KONO-860/KONO TV news anchor] (Boston-Cape Cod-East Sandwich, MA) Hi, Jim and Suzie, Well familiar with the Big D Jamboree. That was big while I was at Arlington State College. Saw Tennessee Ernie Ford there when his “Mule Train” was #1. He used a commode seat to slam together to make the sound of a bull whip snapping at the mules. He made a big deal outta that commode seat, and everybody got a kick outta they whole thing. Times were simpler in those days. That area of Dallas was mostly warehouses and industrial buildings, and was not very much developed when I knew it then. Yeah, you betcha, radio was big when you started out. Anybody with a voice on the radio was a big star in the minds of many. That’s what attracted us as kids to wanna be a radio star. Then came TV…and that caught my immediate attention, and luckily I got my first TV job on what then was WBAP-TV in Ft. Worth in 1951 when I was just 18. I’ve been mighty lucky. Tom

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JOHN ELLIS [KHFI FM K98/KEYI FM (Key 103)/KNOW-1490/GM KVLT FM (K-LITE 92.3)] (Austin, TX) Jim, Sorry to hear of the death of Harry Volkman. The broadcasting gene ran in the family. I worked with his son Ed, back when I started in radio at K98/Austin in 1983. His son went to bigger and better things and went back to Chicago where he teamed up with Joe Bohannon as Eddie & Jobo in the morning. Few of his listeners knew he was Harry’s son. A very talented family. So sorry for their loss. John E Skeeterfish Ellis; Former K98/KEY 103, K-Lite Victoria

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MIKE KELLAM [ex KHFI FM/KHFI-970, NBC WMAQ-670 engineer] (Estes Park, CO) Subject: August 24th edition a bummer here. Hi, Jim! The August 24th edition with the Harry Volkman obit was sad news here. Back before I met her, Harry Volkman got my wife, Christine, hired on at WMAQ-TV. In 1967, when I was hired by WMAQ-TV, Christine and I met, and married the next year. She considered Harry a good friend. After Harry moved to WGN-TV, Christine got to work with him again as an Intern at WGN, for credit at University of Ill. She would have loved to send a card to his family but did not have any address to do so. Mike Kellam; Formerly KHFI-AM-FM-TV Austin, TX; WMAQ-TV, WMAQ AM 670, Chicago, WKFM 103.5FM, Chicago

TRIVIA ANSWER: From the 1930s through the 1950s, radio announcer Dwight Weist, also known as The Man of 1,000 Voices, is the announcer on Inner Sanctum Mysteries. He is the first to play the title role in Mr. District Attorney. Dwight also is Police Commissioner Weston on The Shadow. Dwight Weist narrates many film documentaries. Later, we hear Weist on television as the announcer on Search for Tomorrow, plus many commercials. On July 16, 1991 Dwight Weist passes away at 81 after a heart attack.

ED MILLER [Former KPCN, KFJZ, KXOL, KIXL, KAFM, KTXO, KAMC, KTLK, Texas State Network, etc] (Austin, TX) Jim, Don’t know what the format and schedule was of JZ after my departure, but I did PM drive talk and Otis (Tomerlin) did AM drive from late winter of 1980 until the format (and apparently ownership) changed in the early fall of 1980. During spring & summer of 1980, under GM Rick Marcellan, we ruled the FW airwaves on the Big 12-70. I’m right on that date. Trust me. It was the last gig in my 20 year radio career, which I remember fondly and still somewhat miss but am now glad finally came to an end. Best regards, ~E

WILLARD SCOTT [Weatherman on NBC TV The Today Show] (March 7, 1934 – p) I have the best job in the entire history of broadcasting.

Jim Rose and Suzie
Houston, Texas – Laus Deo

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LauraDoddsVideoJukebox#12This Weeks Video Jukebox show as Presented By Laura Dodd #032 WET TV

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MCG: Mexican Money Not Spent On Music Business

029 MCG MexicanMoneyDoesNotVomeBackNashville Spends Money On Mexican Food All The Time

Yet Mexican Money Is Very Rarely Spent On Nashville Music Business 

The Music City Ghost [File #29] 2015: The Hispanic or Latino Music community by and large in Nashville is over looked as a commercial genre.  There are a few places that feature that kind of music but nothing like what is going on in Texas. The recording studio in Nashville that opens it’s doors to recording Spanish Music instead of it’s current Country Music, is going to cash in on a wide open business. The Latino community here buys groceries, cars, makes donations to their church and would willingly purchase air time on radio and TV if it was available for a reasonable price.  It is almost too funny to realize how many thousands of dollars are spent each week by Nashvillians on Mexican food and yet the Latino money flow is not being spent on recording studios and music related businesses in Music City USA.  Nashville is known to be one of the most refined and educated cities of the south, filled with wealth and culture.  Come on Nashville let’s start living up to our reputation and open our eyes to our surroundings

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