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After reading BRIAN DOLYE’S article in today’s “DAILY GUIDPOSTS”, 

I felt the timing was perfect to send it out to my many music  friends , hope it helps you. Rhon Brian Doyle is the editor of Portland magazine  at the University of Portland in Oregon.  He is the author of many books. Readers around the world are absorbed by his strange headlong  spiritual  essays.



Brian Doyle

I have not, as yet been to every country on this round and amazing rock.  But I have been to other continents and to another hemisphere, and I have seen new stars and birds and trees, and I have tried to swim in various other languages and gaped at the glories and machinations of other tribes and nations, and I feel informed  and experienced and seasoned enough now to be able to say this: I do not think we sing the miracle and joy of being Americans  enough.

We complain and argue and accuse and debate and snarl and roar and insult, and there are endless good reasons for our intemperate burble . But  we ought not to forget we are free to worship as we please, free to gather and shout and caper, free to call a spade a spade.  We take this for granted.  We forget the joy of the American idea.  We forget that even as we make endless mistakes, we have done brave and glorious things like outlaw selling Americans of other colors and saving millions of people from imperial slavery and facing down every squirming sort  of bully there is.

There NEVER was an idea like America before to live free, and it’s still a wild and courageous idea that’s not dead yet.  And there are seeds of great peace and creativity and justice  and mercy in the American idea, seeds that might flower in other forms all over this round and amazing rock if we drop  and quash our squabbles.  Even as I gnash my teeth at our violence and greed and xenophobia  ,  I take pride in who we are, who  we might still be.  And bigger than mere pride is joy that we are a country yet of the most amazing possibility ever.  What a gift.  What sweet work.

Dear Lord, as if it wasn’t enough that I was born into this miraculous world, You also made me an American.  Grant me the courage  and creativity to help my country put violence and greed out of business, and show the world that  we still can be…Brian

 “Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16


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