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WHISNews21 Are We Living In A War Zone?

WhiteGenocideWHISNews21 Living In A War Zone

Looking in the newspapers this morning we could not help noticing that within a 30 kilometers radius of where we are situated at least 5 crimes against humanity were committed without remorse or mercy in what seems to be the last 48 hours. Now I must add that these were only the crimes that were reported in the local newspaper. I can almost guarantee that at the very least, another 5 crime worse or more bloody were also committed and not reported. I know that people are murdered every single second of the day across the world and that the crimes below luckily did not all result in a death, but they all happened with a kilometer or more from were I live. If this was just an isolated crime spree as the police call it then why is it happening almost everyday? It is also strange that cops black and white are being targeted, could it be that they, want to get rid of the cops so that they have a free hand in murder and genocide? Lastly the question I really need answered, and this is also the question that freaks out liberal people, “Why is it mostly always white people who are murdered, assaulted and raped in a country where white people are only about 3% of the population”, genocide perhaps?

Bryanston couple shot while protecting daughter from robbers: A Johannesburg husband and wife both got shot while fighting off robbers and trying to protect their 9-year-old daughter, a report says.

Johannesburg, Metro cops shot while directing traffic: Two Johannesburg metro police officers who were directing traffic in Ivory Park, Midrand, are in a serious condition after being shot by a pedestrian, the metro police department said on Monday.

Johannesburg, Brothers shot defending mother: Two men were shot while defending their mother during an armed robbery at their house in Brentwood Park, Benoni, on Wednesday, Gauteng police said.

Johannesburg,Cop shot in Joburg stop-and-search operation: A police officer who attempted to stop a vehicle during a stop-and-search operation in Carltonville, Johannesburg, was shot, police said on Monday.

Johannesburg, Metro cop shot dead while fighting robbers in Joburg mall:  A Johannesburg metro police officer has been shot dead while trying to prevent a robber from stealing a cashbox from security guards who had just collected money from a Pick n Pay store at the Centro Shopping Centre in Rosettenville, south of Johannesburg, on Thursday.






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