Music City Ghost “No unsolicited material accepted?”

014 MCG ClosedDoorPolicyMusic City Ghost “No unsolicited material accepted?” AKA “Closed Door Policy”

get-attachment.aspxHave you ever submitted your demo to a record company only to receive it back in a few days with a stamp on it that says,  “No unsolicited material accepted?” In order for you to submit your demonstration recording to a company you must first get permission to send it.  Most companies now a days will give you a code to write on the outside of the package.  Once you receive this code you better act quickly.  There are some companies that have been known to change the code every 24 hours and thus if your code is not current it will still be returned to you unopened.  Back in the day if you were a songwriter with a brand new song you believed in, you could walk into a Music Row publisher and sit down with your guitar and play your song for someone with authority and possibly get that song published that day.  All of that is now just a memory and now and then you see it in an old movie.

The new Music Row is filled with lawyers, accountants, and puppets answering to the higher ups in New York or Los  Angeles.  With that hardened attitude there is no way to predict if another Hank Williams Senior wouldn’t walk right into the office with a few songs that could go on to sell millions.

I am willing to bet you somewhere in this world there is a songwriter that will never get his songs heard by the movers and shakers in Nashville and his songs are better than what they have stockpiled.  I can also say somewhere there is a male or female singer that will never get a recording contract that could sell millions of dollars of recordings for a label that will never hear her sing a note.

What ever happened to the business model of “Open Door Policy?”  Do you think if someone had the nerve to try it that it could be successful?

– The Music City Ghost [File#14] 2015


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